Creative Luggage Designs

Creative Luggage Designs

Series of unique suitcases and trunks designed by Sarah Jane Williams.

Limited edition baggage was crafted out of leather and metal. Every stitch was completed by hand using traditional techniques of saddle stitching.

Creative Suitcases

Unique Luggage

Designer Luggage

Creative Trunk

Creative Luggage

Unique Baggage

Modern Luggage

Creative Baggage

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  1. anonymous194

    They look pretty, but how are they useful? The point of suitcases is to keep everything compact and tidy… I can see how the compartments can make them neater, but they’ll take up so much space.

  2. Julie

    No idea how they’d fit anywhere but I’d love them around my house to just store things in and have the case just for show :)

  3. Kelsey

    Most of these are cool, but seem like they wouldn’t be useful at all, as has already been mentioned.

    On the other hand, I can see how I would find the blue cornered one EXTREMELY useful, and the shape makes it so that I could still put it aside (in a corner, of course), without it portruding obnoxiously from the wall.

  4. Mihirr Panchaal

    Brilliant.. specially designed for aircraft overhead spaces.. and a lot lot more… why dont such things come into the market???..
    would appreciate a different color scheme on many of em though :P

  5. Svetlina

    I dont imagine lifting and carrying any of these. But as Julie said, I`d love having them in my flat :)

  6. RedBeardDog

    with the cornered one you can play tetris

  7. miggy

    @RedBeardDog thats a great idea buy all the shapes and sizes and play tetris luggage

  8. Kirvi_Inci

    The tall one with drawers would be great for dancers and performers who have to take a closet full of clothes, props and makeup with them on the road. :)

  9. Doink

    They have this particular shape to “bypass” the space you use when walking with it. Not just once i hit my luggage with my feet/knees.

  10. Z

    Good luck sneaking pets in your carry on now.

  11. simas

    Wonderful!!! How are they useful?

  12. James Ward

    No more mistaken luggage at the airport carousel

  13. Chrissy L

    They’d be PERFECT if they had wheels on the bottom. Wheels are essential[and a good handle too] if you don’t feel like carrying around a full suitcase.

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