Easy to Open Bottle Cap

Easy to Open Bottle Cap

Teardrop shaped bottle cap designed by Shao-Nung Chen will allow you to easily open Coca-Cola bottles.

This clever design makes bottle caps more user friendly and easier to grip.

Easy Access Bottle Cap

Coca Cola Bottle Cap

Easy Bottle Cap

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  1. Shaun

    looks cool.

  2. Bob

    why not make a full blown lever while you’re at it.

  3. anonymous194

    It’s kind of a waste of plastic isn’t it?

  4. D.

    Who has trouble opening these anyway?
    And it does seem like a waste of plastic.

  5. Rebekah

    Useful for someone with arthritis maybe?

  6. neo

    @D. Who has trouble opening these anyway?
    And it does seem like a waste of plastic.

    100% agree – give trouble to one handed person I think

  7. chelseafc

    There’re a lot of people creating problems where there are none… ah marketing. Same thing happened with deodorant, except that caught on.

  8. Modhawk

    We like the idea of making something that already exist better. And this… is better.

  9. Will

    Probably not an issue for too many coke bottles (tend to be easily opened?), but could be applied elsewhere, maybe ?

  10. Atavistica

    If you can open it one handed it would be too easy to knock open in transit, one shaken bottle opened in a van could foul hundreds. Imagine it landing on the lever when coming out of a vending machine, too. Even in a packed bag there would be the risk of it being opened just enough to leak all over everything else you were carrying…

    Sweet idea but probably not for mass production – maybe an after market item you could slip over the top of a current lid (they have deep grooves now, in the UK at least, which could take a cog design)

  11. Andrew Fitzgerald

    you’d be better off making a tool this shape to slot over each bottle as and when you need it so that people that need it can buy it and use it and the plastic isn’t wasted on the majority that do not need it.

  12. enav

    @Rebekah not if you learn how to recycle

  13. anonymous194

    @enav REDUCE first, then reuse, THEN recycle, then recover.

  14. Coco

    I think its when the bottle has to be re-opened after closing that causes the problem! I know this happens to me alot..

  15. Pete

    Now there’s even less bothersome work between you and diabetes.

  16. Mapache

    My grandparents used to open soda bottles with a stillson wrench.

  17. pampalas

    kinda like it, you can open it while driving or doing something else with your other hand (and i don’t mean jerking…)

  18. Mikel

    Like Coco said, the problem is mostly after opening it the first time (imo).
    So it would be nice if they sold this separately, then we can use this to re-cap it. It save some plastic (:

  19. kadal

    another lazy method.

  20. Mahmoud

    great idea

  21. Misumi

    Why only coca cola? why not others?

  22. Laura

    To those of you who are wondering who would use it. I suffered a severe arm injury which has effectively left me with the use of one arm only for the last two years. People underestimate how hard it is to do even simple, mundane everyday jobs take for instance washing your hand, how are you meant to wash the back of your hand when you ony have one hand? Or making a sandwhich, how can you when you have no free hand to hold the bread still while you make it. Even if we are the minority the fact is this would still be amazingly useful to people who appreciate it.

  23. Peter

    Clever idea , but not for the coca cola botle or any adder drink , i would LOVE to have it on all the bottels we use in the shower or bathtub ! cause when my hands are wet it issen’t eazy to open any bottle it is to slipery ….

  24. wi seoungjong

    I want to develop this design for my assignment. I think it’s great idea.

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