Sleep Suit

Sleep Suit

Innovative suit designed by Forrest Jessee allows you to take comfortable naps in a variety of different positions and locations.

EVA foam cocoon supports the body in all the right places and at the same time both filters and acknowledges the surrounding environment.

Forrest Jessee

Sleep Suit Material

Forrest Jessee Sleep Suit


Forrest Jessee

Nap Suit

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  1. Samir

    nice :P .. but i am not sure it is comfortable !!!

  2. pete

    This is ridiculous. If someone is sleepy they will just sleep at their desk. Putting on a sleep suit is bothersome and looks ugly and is immobilizing. And everybody in my class agrees!

  3. Lilia Smiles

    As an art piece and concept it seems very interesting and creative. But for reality it is unconventional, distracting frankly quite hideous.

  4. JZ

    I think it’s fantastic! Great concept, very cool and indeed unconventional. We need more stuff like this.

    I like it a lot. Makes me smile :)

  5. jacob

    who cares if its unconventional? its fun and inspiring. yeah not everyone will use it but those who do deserve applause for setting the unique standard.

  6. Katie

    Awesome idea and very creative, I want one for long road trips. Think they would allow them on a plane?

  7. Patrick

    It’s ugly and odd but more importantly, if you were to try to take a nap in this, people would continually either be laughing at you, or poking you to see if you were alive after being swallowed by an alien cocoon

  8. ran


  9. Nisa Zul

    hahahaha… what!?

  10. Blue

    I’m a flight attendant, and it seems to me that something like that would definitely be a hindrance in an emergency if we had to evacuate everyone in 90 seconds. Plus, like Patrick said…

  11. Subarulol

    its actually kinda creepy.. but if a redesign is in order to keep from tht hideous look then haul @ss

  12. Libeerian

    I saw a guy in one of these things driving to work this morning. He was weaving.

  13. Me

    You’d never get any sleep wearing one of those. You’d be kept awake by all the people who walked by screaming, “WHAT THE F*CK IS THAT!?!?” Just sayin’.

  14. Jordan


  15. Danyell

    Everyone is ignoring the biggest question here: How are you supposed to carry this big stupid thing around with you, all the time, on the off chance that you’ll want to pass out & take a nap in a field or something?

  16. Darrell

    Human Centipede?

  17. tt

    I think they should give this out to people without homes, it’s something better than the hard ground.

  18. czayna14

    Geez! I didn’t know you have to look embarrassing just to shut your eyes for a bit.

  19. jane

    If I wore that during a nap, I better grow BUTTERFLY WINGS when I wake!

  20. Sharyn

    It’d be a good way to hide a body without having to move it :-)

  21. Moo

    This is hilarious, anyone who is complaining that it is ridiculous has no sense of humor.

  22. douglas

    If you saw that on the street you’d think it was a dead body and call the cops. So much for privacy and sleep. Somebody has to much time on there hands.

  23. Doc

    does it come in a variety of sizes?I mean it can’t be a one size fits all thing. I’d hate to wake up after my nap with multiple indentations on my skin due to the tight fit!

  24. James Ward

    An urban Ghillie suit for militant artists!

  25. meee

    ahah Columbia University !

  26. coco

    its columbia UNIVERSITY SAAAY WHAT?

  27. Danielle

    Why do people invent stuff like this?
    It’s stupid looking, and therfore useless in this soceity we live in, it’s all about image these days.

  28. Rafael

    I LOVE IT!!! at my office, we would buy it, for sure!!! GREAT IDEA.. who cares if it looks ugly to some.. it doesn’t!! it looks organic and fun, and very comfortable!!

  29. Gloria

    I love how people take some of the posts so seriously. I think it’s fun! And the pictures are so funny! This seriously would be a great Halloween costume. “I’m shipping material”

  30. David

    Looks like the person just spun their own cocoon.

  31. Jeff

    No, it’s not going to sell a million units at IKEA or wherever, but(and yes, I’m serious)what about use in disaster sites? If it is as comfortable as it is claimed it would be a great asset. Think about Haiti or Japan… this suit takes up less space and weight than mattresses or cots and looks like it can fit in temporary shelters like tents. It could have a real use after all.

    Now if only people we could stop people from poking them in their tents and asking what alien just swallowed them…

  32. Alfit

    Gak kebayang kalo nemu yang begini di jalan, pasti ngakak :D

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