MacBook Air Mirror

MacBook Air Mirror

Unusual and creative pocket mirror designed to look like a MacBook Air.

MirrorBook Air comes packaged inside a box just like the real notebook.

MirrorBook Air



MacBook Mirror

MacBook Air

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  1. Amanda

    I love it <3

  2. Shirley

    so adorable! =]

  3. Elliott

    Out of stock! :(

  4. elinor

    this is so cute i want ti so badly

  5. zak

    I can see a few applications here. You’ve got the portability akin to an iphone, and the survivability of a flash mirror. Handy, if you “powder” your nose, but I’d rather get lost with my iphone;)

  6. Mel


  7. Amy

    Awesome. I’d start waring makeup just so i could use this mirror in public.

  8. jo

    when and where can we buy these

  9. Dovie

    I have one of these. Stylish and handy!

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