Creative Truck Advertisements

Truck Advertisements

If you liked our creative advertisements posts (part1, part2, part3), you will surely enjoy this awesome collection of cool ads on trucks.

Creative Truck Ads

Coca-Cola Truck Advertisement

Coca Cola Truck Advertisement

Mazda Truck Advertisement

Mazda Truck Advertisement

Corega Truck Advertisement

Corega Truck Advertisement

King Kong Truck Advertisement

King Kong Truck Advertisement

[via zuzafun]

More Truck Ads

More Truck Ads

Pepsi Truck Advertisement

Pepsi Truck Advertisement

Pringles Truck Advertisement

Pringles Truck Advertisement

More Cool Truck Ads

More Cool Truck Ads

Creative Truck Advertisement

Cool Truck Ad

Truck Advertisement

Creative Truck Advertisements

Jamo Truck Advertisement

Jamo Truck Advertisement

KitKat Truck Advertisement

KitKat Truck Advertisement

Mars Truck Advertisement

Mars Truck Advertisement

Gum Truck Advertisement

Gum Truck Advertisement

Whiskas Truck Advertisement

Whiskas Truck Advertisement

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  1. James


  2. web design company

    The mazda one looks pretty cool

  3. Archatas

    Nice ideas, but many of them (all the 3D stuff) are hardly possible unless realized as holograms. For example, the drawings about Coke or Pepsi on the trunks would look really bad if you looked at the trunk from another angle.

  4. asskicknchicken

    Shut up Archatas and stop being a idiot..Take it for what it is..Very creative advertisement possibilities..

    Someone put a lot of work into that..Thanks for sharing..Keep’em coming..

  5. hex

    Lols, those’re hecka cool. I want to see someone try them out, because these are only the photoshopped versions. The backgrounds are all the same.


    why are they all on the same bus?…

  7. luka

    funny how all those trucks are at the exact same place in the street. photoshop alert.

  8. villi

    wtf all same trucks lookat the background!

  9. rhakateza

    cool and so creative.

  10. alli


  11. The guy who likes it

    its still possible to do that even if it is photoshopd you just need to be very accurate and stuff still possible:D

  12. Davo

    all fake

  13. digg

    these are possibilities….not actual street truck pictures. comon its obvious they are photoshopped coz its just show off

  14. MAHSA

    very good and funny , thanks

  15. Selina Quintanilla López

    lol, all same background!

    Archatas is right!!!

  16. Jazhara7

    Archatas, and anyone commenting on “this only works from one angle”. Think about it. When seeing those, you’ll most likely be driving in a car, on the Autobahn (High way). In Germany (since these are German advertisements), Trucks are required to *always* drive on the right lane on the Autobahn. So you’ll usually be driving on the left of these trucks.

    Now think. Your car is usually much smaller than these trucks, and so you’ll be looking up at them. Also, you won’t be looking at the truck if you’re right beside it, or in front of it. The only time you’ll really be looking at the truck if you’re a bit behind of them, and on the left – which is exactly the angle at which these ads look the best. So this is actually constructed *really* well. Yes, it doesn’t work at any other angle, but really, it doesn’t have to, since 90% of the time these trucks will be driving on the Highway, where the only ones being able to see these ads will see it from just that angle.

    (By the way, on the Autobahn there usually are no other advertisements placed at the side, except those by the government which are against too fast driving, so trucks are really the only way to advertise around there.).

    – :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  17. Jazhara7

    luka, and all those complaining “These are all on the same truck”. Yes, they are. And they are photoshopped on. Toxel took these from the website of the rhino award, which is an award given for the most creative advertisements on trucks here in Germany. They are usually the kind of image that an advertising company would submit to their clients, before the campaing is actually realised. Hence the photoshopped images. They are, however, all real advert ideas. At the award ceremony, the winning entries are presented on real trucks. Also, there’s a special category for ads for beneficial organisations.

    You can look at more of these here, on the website of the Rhino award:

    – :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

  18. Mostafa

    Very good and so funny

  19. Hasan Ali Erken

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  20. kirtasiye

    these are possibilities….not actual street truck pictures. comon its obvious they are photoshopped coz its just show off

  21. Firinlar

    very good and funny , thanks

  22. The Crazy Trucker

    These are hot. Always wonders why many of the trucks on the highways in America was advertising more on the side of trucks.

    Thanks for the pics.

  23. ingilizce

    these are possibilities….not actual street truck pictures. comon its obvious they are photoshopped coz its just show off

  24. joshscribble

    Some of these are fun but Archatas is definitely right… They’re only good ideas if they work. The empty space stuff that uses the back and the side won’t. Getting it right for that one angle would make every other angle look, not only strangely stretch, but just weird in terms of cropping and messaging etc.

    Love the mars king size and whiskas, they’ve got an idea behind them. But stop the scam stuff. They’re only possibilities if they’re possible.

  25. Micaman

    Amazing! Really good ideias.

  26. baba

    very good and funny , thanks

  27. misael

    very crazy like that of the coca – cola. it reminds me a thing because the science and able to read a DNA of a person but no one discovered the formula of coca viva o BRAZIL eu amo o Brazil

  28. ThOr #&amp


  29. gazeteci

    ıncredible very nice

  30. The Crazy Trucker

    These are awesome concepts, I wonder why someone wasn’t doing something like this.

  31. mia

    Hey, it is not faked. There are real trucks with ads like those. The pics above are the ideas for companies for their ads – if they want it, they can have it put on the trucks. And they are all possible.

  32. Rhakateza

    is it real or just photoshop creates

  33. kukku husain


    These are fantastic and very creative ideas. Afterall in advertising any unusual way of display and layout is more eyecatching than boring and mundane adverts.
    Full Marks!


  34. KatieRed

    They never claimed they weren’t compositions or “photoshopped” as everyone likes to say. The creator obviously wasn’t trying to fool anyone – the people who think they’re smart and uncovered something by realizing they are comps crack me up! Respect the idea. No one is trying to lie here…

  35. Comp

    These ads are real goooooood!!!!

  36. Shovon

    Really extra-ordinary, fantastic entertainment creative idea!


  37. Dreamer

    Yes, the pictures are fake, but the ideas are real. And that is what toxel is displaying, the ingenuity of the designers to visualize their ideas.

    Mad props!

  38. bucha

    for anyone commenting ‘photoshop alert’ or anything ‘fake’.. Obviously they are all fake, these are just mock up or design plans so people can see how they would be when those designs are actually applied..

  39. Sgugu

    These are photoshopped. Look at details of the pictures: more exactly look at the shadows. They are all identical. Honestly, it is impossible to take pictures of trucks at the same time of the day, in the same position, with the same cloud pattern.

    Disgusted. Now I’m thinking all the cool things I’ve seen may not exist in real life because of photoshopping. :(

  40. BASIT

    All funny stuff just to attract young boys & girls. coz when youngsters do like all that other people feels fantasy of life and the new attraction only ….. not more than this……………?

  41. Angie Ruan

    Amazing! Wish that my country allow for truck ads. hix!

  42. hallie

    Don’t people realize these aren’t real trucks.. look at the background, they are all the same truck.. just the back part is photoshopped.

  43. Trucker

    Does anybody have real pictures of trucks where branding like this (3D) has been applied?

    Personaly I do not believe it will look good in real life, but my perception can be changed….

  44. suresh more

    Wow ! it’s relly unbelivable concept…. Thank you those people who created this web site and spread for all world….


  45. Chirawat

    Thank you for cool adv.

  46. CHeeRZeD

    These pictures are photoshopped or something because you can see it is the same truck and same part of the fence, EVERYTIME. Great job though

  47. John

    How stupid are some of the people here? Do you guys not read the previous comments before you post your own? These images are intentionally PhotoShoped. They AREN’T supposed to look like they are real pictures. They are only CONCEPT images, so that someone that was looking from that angle would have an idea of what this might look like on a real truck.

    If they didn’t do this, and went right for a real truck before they knew what it would look like, or if it was even possible they’d be wasting valuable resources such as ink, canvas, time, and money.

    Seriously people grow a brain.

  48. JB

    Why is it always the same truck in the exact same position with only the color of the sky and the color or sharpness of the background blurred to appear that these are different trucks???

    Looks like someone is having fun with photoshop???

  49. jewels

    I’ve seen quite a few of these running down the highway, and for all of you saying it wouldn’t look as cool from any other angle, you’re wrong about that. It will throw you completely off, trust me. And of course they’re photoshoped wtf people??! They’re using a template to show off their ideas. It would be pointless and a waste of (probably) valuable time to go out and take a picture of each and every truck trailer they have to design.

  50. Michelle

    Unique :b

  51. Andrew

    Photoshopped. But too awesome for words.

  52. Uzair Barry

    Truly awesome!!

  53. Nissa

    there all the same truck

  54. SABAH

    wow these are amazing stuff i like the mazda, coke bottle, and the candy bars if i had the money i would totally try to make those ads on trucks. once again amazing work.

  55. bobbomobo

    Yes of course they’re photoshopped, but what the heck? They look great and are useful for my homework!

  56. Sam1234!!

    omg! awsome art work!!!!!!
    the look soooooooooooooooooo……………!

  57. acir

    oh it’s cool!

  58. Hannah

    woooow, its coool!!!!!!! isnt it?

  59. lizzard

    if you look at the background of most of them, its the same senery. someone has obviously photoshopped it

  60. Brent

    That is why they are called DESIGN IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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