Wallet for iPhone Owners

Wallet for iPhone Owners

BookBook is a high quality leather wallet and an iPhone case designed to look like an old pocket-sized book.

It is a wallet that looks like no other and a case that will protect your phone.

iPhone Wallet


BookBook iPhone Wallet

iPhone Wallet Case

Book Wallet

BookBook for iPhone

Wallet for iPhone

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  1. Aris

    Nice, but isn’t it dangerous to put everything in the same case? If lost or stolen, you literary lost you life.

    And who would want to talk on the phone while everyone else in the world sees your Id photo let alone all the stuff in your wallet.

  2. Elliott

    Took the words out of my mouth, Aris

  3. Ninja Egg :D

    So true Aris so true.
    But still cool! :D :D

  4. Amanda

    I think you’re missing the point. It’s about functionality, not fashion. This is a great idea, get over it.

  5. Michelle

    It seems like a cool idea, but all your credit cards are being exposed. Could all that be hidden under another “page”? They may want to consider creating a hole in the back too if the user wanted to use the camera/video function at all.

  6. El Blaino

    I disagree! I have been looking for something like this forever. I hate having to make sure I have three things before I go anywhere (phone, wallet, keys). Less, less less, if only there was a keychain on it

  7. Lynchster

    I’m sure that if you sat on this, things wouldn’t be good.

  8. bananaman

    Yes, well you could always fold the half with your ID and other stuff back under your iPhone… and it is obviously shown in the 7th picture how you could talk on the phone without exposing information.

    Oh wait, nevermind. Didn’t look closely enough. Yeah, they should do something about that.

  9. Liz

    LOL It would be so awkward if someone asks why whoever has these is making calls with their wallet.

  10. Dominic

    @Liz: LOL

  11. Monica Cincy

    Looks like a Pickpocket’s Delight~! It just screams, “Pick Me. Pick Me~!”

  12. Nat

    just means that those hipster kids can show of how “trendy” they are every time they get there wallet out

  13. Lizzie

    I think the style of it is pretty cool, love the book theme. And if you’re that worried about people looking at your cards then take the phone out when you have a call? Or not even that, don’t put your ID at the front, then no one would be able to see it…
    My sister’s got something similar for her HTC and it’s just so much easier than carrying a bag around with you for 3 items. I’d buy it because I think it looks cool, might not use it, but I’d buy it.

  14. trolololol

    i like it. although i cant imagine sitting on it would be at all comfertable. but its a good idea, nonetheless.

  15. Critical Eye

    Hard to take pix with the back-mounted camera.

  16. Peter

    I bought this! Agreed that if you lose your phone, you lose your cards too… but I still like the convenience of having an extra card and money, especially those times when I forgot my wallet but I have my phone with me all the time!

    I love the case! Only gripe is taking pix with the rear camera. as you need to move the phone out to do so.

  17. Ryyx

    Next they’ll be including a keychain, multi-tool, water bottle, and make-up kit. What’s so wrong with having different items have unique functions? Why must everything be an agglomeration of every conceivably needful thing? I’d much rather have 5 things that each perform a single function well than one thing that does 5 things just ok, but it seems that multi-functionality has become de rigueur and I am in the minority here.

  18. nidia

    well, everyone has own opinion and no one false. it just depends from what perspective you see it.

  19. fran

    Do you know that your mobile phone antenna could “erase” your credit card magnetic information?!

    Nice, but not useful!

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