Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Predator Motorcycle Helmet

Eye-catching motorcycle helmet designed for people who want to stand out and get noticed on the road.

Made by Russian company Nitrinos, unique helmet offers great protection for your head. Handcrafted out of composite materials and carbon fiber.

Inspired by the look of iconic creature from the Predator movie.

Available in various colors and designs. The dreadlocks are removable.

Cool Bike Helmet

Cool Helmet

Predator Helmet Video

Cool Motorcycle Helmet

Bike Helmet



Predator Bicycle Helmet

Predator Helmet

Predator Bike Helmet

Predator Biker

Nitrinos Predator Helmet

Predator 2 Helmet

Motorcycle Helmet

Nitrinos Helmet

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  1. Amelia

    This reminds me of Battlefield Earth.

  2. Shilov

    Doesn’t look like you get much visibility out of that little slit. Dangerous design for a life saving piece of equipment I think. Probably OK in closed environments.

  3. Gert

    Ok.. best helmet ever.

  4. Mark


  5. Jimmy

    It’s perfect!! It even has the laser! I would love to see a infused human helmet with the predator one, something which looks more human headed yet keeps a predator style.

  6. Dominic

    AWESOME!!!!! Its a bit big thought?

  7. Brad

    Might be a cool idea instead of LED’s place a camera there instead with a detachable cord running down the back.

  8. Dion

    They should also make halo helmets if that haven’t already

  9. Miriam

    These are cool but I would like to know if they have a DOT rating, preferably a SNELL rating. I would also like to get an idea of the visibility out of this helmet and if there are clear visors for this as well as a tinted one won’t work for the early mornings that I work.

  10. Gavin

    Hi do they pass Aust standards
    what visibility do they have
    can you wear glasses under it
    how do I order one

  11. Roland Smith

    It’s a Great Helmet and you can always replace the visor around the eyes to a clear one just incase you have problems seeing out the dark onr. As far as a D.O.T rating they do. I plan on buying mine in September. If you can’t afford one you can also order just the mask from amazon or ebay and design it to your liking then attach it to your helmet, I brought one and have gotten nothing but good compliments. Safe riding everyone.

  12. Tony

    I would like to buy one .

  13. cruz

    How do you buy one

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