Camera Birds

Camera Birds

Unique photo series by American photographer and designer Paul Octavious features old cameras with beautiful wings.

Birds of Aperture – creative sculptures made out of cameras and bird wings.

Flying Camera Birds will always get the perfect shot.

Paul Octavious

Birds Of Aperture

Bird Of Aperture

Camera Bird

Camera Birds Sculptures

Paul Octavious Camera Birds

Paul Octavious Birds Of Aperture

Camera Bird Sculptures

Paul Octavious Camera Bird

Paul Octavious Bird Of Aperture

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  1. BB

    Very very strange drones…

  2. Noni

    No birds harmed in the process???

  3. Gert

    I like how he used all old cameras. Angel eyes?

  4. Arielle

    For some reason, these pictures make me think of Harry Potter.

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