Baby Mop

Baby Mop

Soft and comfortable onesie for your baby also functions as a useful floor mop.

Designed by BetterThanPants, innovative “Wearable Mop” will transform your child into a “Cleaning Baby“.

Save time and money. Your baby will sweep the floor and clean the house.

Wearable Mop


Onesie Mop

Baby Mop Onesie

Cleaning Baby

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  1. Finn

    Aren’t u supposed to clean the floor BEFORE the baby crawls on it? Maybe its just me

  2. Bill

    Yes, it’s just you. This is awesome. A roomba at no cost, except maybe an hour of fun.

  3. landman

    they started doing this every april fools day, its pretty clever

  4. kelly Tozarin

    Cute and funny.

  5. Kathy

    It’s never to early to instill a strong work-ethic (lol)

  6. Pearl Lamie

    Isn’t this covered under child labor laws?

  7. Subash

    There will be more time spent on cleaning the baby’s dress afterwards !!

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