Cleaning Slippers for Cats and Dogs

Cleaning Slippers for Cats and Dogs

Innovative pet shoes designed by American inventor Todd Lawson will sweep the floor and clean the house.

Pet Sweep” – animal powered debris removal system for your home.

Dust mop slippers for cats and dogs. One size fits most paws. [order]

Pet Sweep


Pet Slippers

Dog Slippers

Pet Sweep by Todd Lawson

Cat Slippers

Todd Lawson

Animal Powered Debris Removal System

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  1. chelsea

    april fools, right?

  2. Megan

    April fools or not, this idea is brilliant!

  3. ambersand

    This is a prank gift box, not an actual product. It’s funny, but I don’t think I’d spend $8 just for a box.

  4. cole

    Toxel, you had me there for a second :)

  5. Betty

    If I wasn’t sure before, the picture of “Todd Lawson” gave it away–he looks…a bit nutty!

  6. Masteroche


  7. Scadi

    I too think that this goes more like a prank. It reminds me of those bags that we used (or at least I used) to wrap around dog’s and cat’s legs. Nowadays – I think its a torture for them, and so can only view this as a moderately “lol-able” suggestion, rather than an actual product. Nice try though ^_^

  8. Jimbo

    Cute. Stupid, but cute.

  9. adam smith

    Funny – why not ?

  10. Vince

    That is cruel and unusual punishment

  11. Pete

    Todd Lawson: Impersonating a deer on the road at night

  12. GoMuhammad

    look the inventor face! – just describes the invention. LOL!

  13. Lillian

    That’s what my dogs mouth is for….

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