Modern Building with Dynamic Facade

Modern Building with Dynamic Facade

Dynamic exterior of Kiefer Technic Showroom in Bad Gleichenberg, Austria consists of electric window shutters made of perforated aluminum.

Unique facade, designed by Ernst Giselbrecht, changes throughout the day, transforming the building into a dynamic sculpture.


Office Building

Electric Facade


Modern Facade

Dynamic Facade

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  1. James Ernst

    Nice, I like!

    is this green minded? seems so.

  2. Bonerdoodle

    I don’t think its green minded.

  3. Henry

    this is sick !

  4. Patrick

    I’m so glad that I don’t work in an office where my window could randomly disappear.

  5. Brent

    don’t want to live or work in one of thouse buildings, probably get epilepsia from the light turning off and on

  6. panubo

    looks pretty neat,
    only i think its hard to clean though

  7. Frank Meijer

    @James Ernst: Sure this is greenminded. I imagine the white panels block the sun during the day and prevent heat from escaping in the night.

  8. Benjamin Christine

    genius! amazing idea! im thinking blinds would be cheaper though.

  9. Derek

    This is not an office building. It’s a showroom and it is said in the description that this turns the building into a dynamic sculpture. Please see description (for those who barely read).

    Ask yourself. Does art have to be practical?

    Art is for admiration.

  10. James Ernst

    @Frank my thought exactly! thanks

  11. jumanicus

    @panubo it wont be hard to clean, because all of them would be closed when they clean it, so a quick waterblasting and shes away.

  12. Farhan

    What an idea Ernst Giselbrecht !

    you can change the look in various designs
    imagin you can feel diffrent all the time
    beautiful and low cost
    I am an architectural visualiser and i know this is unique idea……………

  13. Sam

    The design itself is not that impressive to me personally (it looks like an over-sized set of roman shades), BUT the engineering and technical aspects of such a project are astounding. Imagine the power supply, all those tiny motors and gears, not to mention the wiring necessary to ensure the whole wall operates properly and consistently. Kudos.

  14. jassi

    What a waste of electric energy in shutting & opening of these… so called windows….

  15. Jay Ar

    SUPERLIKE!!! :)

  16. Negin

    Could you please tell me more about this system, if it is modular, if it can be packed and transport easily, if it is just like the pictures solid surface or it can be a mesh or a translucent material to alow a part of view and light in, etc.

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