Drinkable Book

Drinkable Book

Useful book made out of innovative filter paper that cleans and purifies water.

Drinkable Book filters water, kills 99.99% of bacteria, and teaches people about proper sanitation, hygiene, and safe water habits.

Designed by Brian Gartside. Filter paper costs only pennies to produce.

Each book can provide someone with clean water for up to 4 years.

Paper Filters Water

Book Filters Water

Water Filter Book

Filter Book

Paper Water Filter

Paper Filter

The Drinkable Book

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  1. erwin prasetyo

    like a portable water filter :)

  2. Sr. F

    fantastic idea.

  3. George

    Amazing for the non-profit world!

  4. Thunder

    Great use of technological developments! But I do wonder how they will make sure this book gets to the people who need it. Slums and the municipalities often have a difficult and estranged relationship. However, it would be wonderful if they somehow manage to work it out.

    Also, I doubt very much that most of these people don’t know the water they are drinking is bad for them. Poverty doesn’t equal stupidity.

  5. Pearl Lamie

    What’s needed more is one that filters viruses!

  6. ian

    I would dig seeing this partnered with novelists such that the book can both promote literacy as a book and be useful thereafter (and foremost) as filters.

    Watership Down might be too on the nose, or Old Man and the Sea, but I’d buy one for novelty sake, and certainly help fund a kickstarter to see something like this mass produced and the texts localized to whatever country the books would be bound for. Pardon the pun there.


  7. jayrenee

    What a great idea! I love seeing design applied in a way that can have a positive impact on people’s lives.

  8. Swiper Fox

    When READING this book, be sure that your hands are clean OR use a clean glove, so you will have a CLEAN water filter for later use; OTHERWISE there is no use of using contaminated/dirty filter.

  9. JM

    great idea ian!!

  10. Michael Costanzo

    I am trying to find were to buy the “Drinkable Book” . I want to help distribute.. please tell me how??

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