Lens Mount for your iPhone

Lens Mount for your iPhone

You can now transform your iPhone into a DSLR that uses real SLR lenses.

iPhone SLR Mount lets you attach Canon or Nikon lenses to your phone for powerful depth of field and manual focus.

Lens Mount for iPhone

iPhone SLR Mount




DSLR iPhone

SLR iPhone

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  1. Juliano

    This seems exaggerated!

  2. Atavistica

    Does it have an aperture ring in the converter? Lenses are usually sweetest stopped down a couple of f numbers.

  3. Darrell

    If iPhone cameras are updated ridiculously in the next gen, this would be really cool to have. But it seems kinda dumb to have something like that now for such a lo-res camera..

  4. Miel

    The iPhone camera is just great cause you always have it with you. Why would you drag those lenses along and leave your digital reflex camera at home?
    That is… if you’ve got one. And if you don’t – buy one first, instead of lenses for your iPhone.

  5. iPhone Addict

    Too big to carry around. Crazy idea but creative.

  6. Jasmine

    Haha, this is cool. I wonder how the photos would look like with such a nice lens attached?

  7. Veza

    This is such a stupid invention. The Iphone pictures are ok because it’s a small portable device, but if you’re dragging photo equipment around with you, then get a proper camera to go with it, make it worth the trouble.

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