Boiling Water Faucet

Boiling Water Faucet

Innovative kitchen faucet designed by GROHE provides boiling hot water directly from the tap.

GROHE Red system keeps three litres of filtered kettle hot water ready for immediate use at all times.

Modern kitchen faucet also dispenses regular, mixed hot and cold water.

Instantly make delicious tea or coffee. No need to wait for kettle to boil.

Boiled Water Faucet

Hot Water Faucet

Boiling Hot Water Faucet

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  1. Charlie

    This is called Quooker in the Netherlands. It’s very useful for making quick tea, but you don’t want to wash your hands with this accidentally…

  2. Dave

    seems great for anyone with small children

  3. Allayna

    Oh, god, all I can think is some 3 year old trying to ‘help mommy’ and scalding themselves.

  4. erwin

    To dave and Allayna there is a safety mechanism on the tap. And it is just the same as sharp knives, a pot of boiling water, or any other danger appliance in the kitchen. Don’t let your kids alone with them.

  5. Jillian

    The difference being that the sink has never been considered a dangerous appliance before. You’re adding in the element of danger. You know how long it takes for an electric kettle to heat water? Less than a minute. The payback doesn’t seem large enough to justify the fear of scalding everyone you know.

  6. GoMuhammad

    No, I just think this seems like usual faucet. It can be dangerous somehow. At least It has to be created in different shape or design..

  7. Gert

    Seems like a great idea for bars and restaurants and even shop break rooms or places you might use boiling water to clean, houses not so much.

  8. Steve

    Old concept. I Know many people who have this already in their home in the Netherlands. Don’t know of Dutch people are modern, or the rest of the world is sleeping… :)

  9. Paul Dann

    With the water being kept hot constantly, I’m worried that:

    1) It’s a waste of electricity.
    2) The water will be almost completely devoid of oxygen, making any tea or coffee you make with it rather foul :(

  10. João Boaventura

    Mega waste of energy in the 21st Century, seriously?

  11. @

    I already have something like this. It’s an Asian water heater. Basically does the same thing, you just press a button and boiling hot water comes out automatically. It doesn’t waste electricity, the machine is able to keep the water boiling hot somehow like a thermos. It’s pretty useful if you drink tea everyday.

  12. Swiper-NO- Swiping

    Its called an on demand water heater. Geez.

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