Cool Coca-Cola Can Concept

Cool Coca-Cola Can Concept

Interesting Coca-Cola can concept, designed by Dzmitry Samal, has a very distinct look and does not roll when placed on its side.

The new can design utilizes a process called impact extrusion, a process where an aluminum slug (solid piece of metal) is pressed at a high velocity with extreme force into a die/mold by a punch.

Coke Can Concept

Diet Coke Can Concept

Coca-Cola Can Concept

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  1. Megan

    Looks beautiful, but it will probably cost more to produce.

  2. Gonzo

    Woa, great! I like the black one.

  3. sfdadadf

    why would we need to place it on its side?
    just saying its cool but why

  4. sean

    will never happen. sorry you fail..

  5. Thiago Paulino

    Pretty nice concept! I don’t have any idea about how this could be industrially produced, but it’s vary nice!

    thanks for sharing!

  6. jingpi

    cool .i like it

  7. JoeViturbo

    I don’t think Coca-Cola will appreciate the coffin-shaped designs incorporated into the can. They’ll do all they can to keep the idea of death from being associated with their product

  8. Dill Doe

    Coke Goth

  9. hesingswithfrogs

    That is SWEET!

  10. Steven

    I do like the uncolored model. I remember stumbling across another can which was similar; it was just plain aluminum with the same design as the present can, only the logo was embossed into the aluminum rather than painted on.

    I like the idea of plain, unfinished cans but I doubt it will catch on.

  11. Karen

    its super cool, but i think it would be better as a glass collectors edition rather than a hard to make metal can that is uncomfortable to grip…

  12. Tachik

    While it’s an interesting concept to keep your can from rolling away if you ever drop or tip it over, the design invokes the image of coffins and there by the idea of death.

    along the same lines…

    Pepsi inadvertently (I would assume) is using a logo which invokes the image of a fat man (the red being his shirt and blue his pants — the white being his belly bulging out between the two) it there by connects the product with getting fat.

    One thing all companies and designers need to look at are all the ways the product designs can be interpreted in order to avoid such blunders

  13. carlos

    I want to drink out of one now…..

  14. Ben

    The real reason this won’t be mass produced is not due to marketing as others have mentioned, but physics.

    A regular can is very efficient at maintaining structural integrity under different levels of pressure (that concave dip under the can aids in that purpose).

    This design would pop into different shapes if the can is shaken (or heats up), and may be more prone to dents during shipping.

  15. Roland

    well, this is beautiful, but won’t be produced anyway :) One thing is that Ben mentioned about the quality of such can. Well, the wall of the can will be thicker and it will be more stable in case of inside pressure. Another thing is that production price will grow 10 or 20 times to produce such can. So, cool, beautiful but unreal :)

  16. Hillie

    It would be great for promoting the next World championship of soccer in Africa.
    Coca Cola always brings out special can’s for the WK.

  17. Matches Malone

    @Megan: Especially since the environmentalist wackos got the largest aluminum plant in the US shutdown….

  18. Pedro Gonzalez

    would that stand the pressure inside the can?

    why change something that works so fine?

  19. FoxyBoxers

    cool, but utterly useless.

  20. Karin Stewart

    Have you ever unpacked a case of cans only to have them scatter EVERYWHERE!!! Great idea! Hope it doesn’t cost more but I think these guys like to take every option to get more money out of us. LOL!!!

  21. itsbrandnew

    this is a very cool idea! Stylish and innovative!

  22. Spun Monkey

    nice idea, but i don’t think coke would move away from their ‘dynamic ribbon’ design which they have trademarked and made special note of it on the cans in Aust.

  23. Gary

    Nice one except it seems like this design has been ripped from a doritos design earlier this year…’s a little to similar for my liking.

    check out what I mean I might be wrong.

    ps, I do wish drink cans where as exciting as the one above.

  24. Sri Lestari


  25. butik muslimah

    wow!! it’s so cool…
    like a prism box..
    when will look out of it??

  26. Lee

    Hate it!

  27. Will

    I think people need to realize that just becasue it’s different, it’s not nessecarily good. Part of what makes cans attractive in the first place is the streamlined, straight, simple edges, not to mention aforementioned structural advantages. Plus, as has also been mentioned, it woul greatly interfere with Coke’s perviously existing trademark designs. Sorry guys, thumbs down.

  28. kaffy

    very pretty!

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