Coca-Cola Ice Bottle

Coca-Cola Ice Bottle

Innovative bottles made of ice created by Coca-Cola for the summer season.

Designed by Ogilvy & Mather for Coca-Cola, refreshing ice bottles were unveiled on a beach in Cartagena, Colombia.

Coca-Cola label wrapped around the bottle will protect your hand and the bottle itself will melt away after you use it. No need to recycle.

Now you can drink Coca-Cola out of eco-friendly bottles made of ice.

Bottle Made of Ice

Ogilvy Coca-Cola Bottle

Edible Coca-Cola Bottle

Coca-Cola Real Ice Bottle

Coca-Cola Ice

Ice Cold

Bottle Made out of Ice

Coca-Cola Real Ice Cold Bottle

Bottle Made from Ice

Bottle Made of Ice

Coca-Cola Bottle Made of Ice

Coca-Cola Botella de Hielo

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  1. gunneos

    cool, but that means finishing the drink quickly before it melts! i prefer to enjoy my beverages without that countdown…

  2. Joe

    Part of me hates this, but the part of me that hates plastic bottles likes it.

  3. megan

    Brain freeze! You cant hold it long enough even.

  4. Habub

    Brain freeze?
    What about hand freeze?

  5. sam

    I want one.

    You have to drink it before it goes flat anyway, normally, so the melting time limit shouldn’t be much more constricting. I would only suggest the ice be thicker as it goes down, so it ends up being a cup, at worst, if you’re too slow.

  6. Swiper Fox

    There is still a need for recycling: The Coca Cola label being used here does not melt like ice. It will be thrown away into the garbage cans.

    Though the bottle, being made of ice, is Eco-friendly, but the needed electricity to make all of those ice bottles requires lots of fossil fuel for freezing water.

  7. jacklyn


  8. Dylan

    Does anyone understand that it comes with the fabric band that will help your hand NOT get cold? Watch the video again and look at the pictures

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