LEGO Brick Made of Gold

LEGO Brick Made of Gold

Official LEGO bricks created out of 14k solid gold were originally given out to LEGO employees with 25 years of experience.

Golden LEGO brick was recently sold for only $14,449.99 by Brick Envy.

World’s most expensive LEGO brick is compatible with plastic bricks.

Golden LEGO

LEGO Made of Gold

LEGO Bricks Made of Gold

Brick Envy

Gold LEGO Brick


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  1. Silas

    What an interesting gift for those lucky employees. I do wonder what sort of work they’ve been doing that long though. :) Looks like it would make a charming necklace piece.

  2. Ali Mahisefat

    LEGOLD ;)

  3. Rachel

    Ohhhhh my. Beautiful. Well concepted and packaged too.

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