Beer Barrel Bed

Beer Barrel Bed

Unique hotel in Ostbevern, Germany allows people to sleep inside of a giant beer barrel from the 19th Century.

Wooden barrel was transformed into a comfortable bed. Guests, tourists, and beer lovers can rent the Beer Barrel Room for only $140 per night.

Beer Barrel Room

Beer Barrel Bedroom

Beer Barrel

Barrel Bed

Beer Barrel Hotel

Barrel Room

Barrel Hotel

Sleep in a Beer Barrel

Barrel Bedroom

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  1. Gert

    But does it still smell like fermenting beer?

  2. Masteroche

    Must have agood homie smell!!!! LOL!!!

  3. Faisal

    Nice way to enjoy a beer in a beer bed.

  4. pTc

    Do you wake up drunk?

  5. lily rose

    what a german thing to do…

  6. Karen

    Kind of neat. A little weird. Takes up too much space.

  7. Artem Orlov

    like myth of Diogenes

  8. K

    Is this the same hotel that lets you bathe in their beer? That would be cool if it was.

  9. Enrico Martinez

    The Upper part has the bed.
    The Lower part has the beer???

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