Tattooed LEGOs

Tattooed LEGOs

To demonstrate the capabilities of Pilot extra fine pens, GREY advertising agency covered six LEGO minifigures with detailed full body tattoos.

Innovative pens come equipped with 0.25mm tips that allow micro fine and ultra fine writing. They will even write on a grain of rice!

Tattooed LEGO

Pilot Extrafine LEGO

LEGO Tattoos

Pilot Extrafine Pen LEGO

LEGO Tattoo

LEGOs with Tattoos

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  1. woops


  2. Mick

    Yes! So good, but seriously, it is “Lego” and never “Legos”

    A minifig dies every time someone pluralises Lego.

  3. Sharyn

    That’s pretty cool, I just wish the only female character had something a little better than a tramp stamp. Even if it is a fancy schmancy anchor in the ass.

  4. cole

    badass tattoos

  5. Lilia Smiles

    WOW! That’s a fine pen! But I think they should’ve made a better tattoo for the girl. I like all the other ones though!

  6. criticizer

    are they built for kids to play with them and learn “creative” things?

  7. Person

    ….are they permanent tho?

  8. Dominic


  9. J

    @Lilia Smiles: I’ve used these pens, and although they are fine, and are good pens, I highly highly doubt that these tattoos were creating using the pens displayed in each image as the pen company would have you believe.

    I would imagine, looking at the detail, that it’s done via some sort of computer printing with the designs created on a PC.

    Note that the article doesn’t actually say anywhere that the designs were drawn with the pen. It just says that some company created the designs to “demonstrate the capabilities” of the pen.

    It’s possible it was done with that pen, I could be wrong. But I doubt it.

  10. douglas

    I wish buying the pen also conveyed the talent.

  11. Nisa Zul

    cute! nice….

  12. JuLi

    I’ve got a 0,05 Copic and you can’t draw such fine lines even with those. So I guess that either the tattoos were made somehow else or the figures are much bigger than the normal ones.

  13. Gert

    I also have Copics and I can get almost that light of a touch, I probably could get that fine with a .25 which is what they say is being used here. I think JuLi, that it might be more about your pressure than the pen. I write with so little pressure I have to re-write duplicate checks because I don’t press hard enough for the info to transfer usually.

  14. Carlos

    This is fake even with o.25 this is too thin to be made with a 0.25, a minifig hand is about 4 milimiters wide, and even amplified, some of those line as barely visible, so i call this fake untill someone makes a video drawing that thing on a minifig arm…

  15. Lilia Smiles

    @J wow thanks for the insight! And you might be right about that because the detail seems nearly impossible to do with a pen and without the slightest mistake. Looks fishy…

  16. Gunther

    Not saying its impossible, but the size along with the amount of detail in the illustrations on such a small and curved surface would be extremely time consuming and tedious…and I can’t even imagine what would happen if the pen was to slip, or bleed which often times does happen. I second the idea that these “tattoos” being either photoshopped or printed onto the mini figs.

  17. flatsolid

    What to expect next ? A topless Lego-girl perhaps ?

  18. Feer


  19. Mark

    Clearly photoshop.

  20. Maz

    LOL Just showed my son who has a serious collection of Lego men and he cant stop lauphing :) LOL

  21. jah

    can you buy these? i want em. lol would look perfect on the shelf next to my first tattoo machines

  22. Catherine Rhodehamel

    I WANT THESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Kurt andres

    Where and how much

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