Loft Apartment in New York

Loft Apartment in New York

Innovative studio apartment designed by talented architect Kyu Sung Woo.

To maximize all usable space in this 700 square foot apartment, modern bedroom was constructed above the kitchen. Horizontal surfaces were covered with maple wood and vertical surfaces were painted white.

Kyu Sung Woo NY Loft

Loft Bedroom

Kyu Sung Woo Puzzle Loft

Kyu Sung Woo Apartment

NY Loft

Kyu Sung Woo New York Loft

Kyu Sung Woo Loft

Apartment in New York

Interlocking Puzzle Loft

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  1. MMM

    Looks like a great use of space and really makes 700 sq ft look that much more usable.

  2. Glenn

    Where’s the washroom?

  3. Niyari

    I would love to live there.

  4. Lilia Smiles

    Too bad there’s only windows on one side. No ventilation.

  5. shaker azzi

    not bad, but i did not like the stove under the bed for smelling reason, i would prefer a glidding floor for bed so when you r cooking you can move the upper part right or left.

  6. Gert

    @Lilia – Apartments almost never have windows on more than one side. There’s units on either side and a hallway on the back for access. Still living at home are we?

  7. Tim

    Who has CRT televisions anymore?

  8. hoershey

    @ Tim
    I do! And I will until it breaks!

  9. OgTheDim

    This is the loft I so desparately need.

  10. Doc

    The kitchen should be the one separated and the TV area under the bed. Being smelly when you cook is not as bad as smelling like your food when going to bed. Insects would probably feast on you just because you smell that way. The Kitchen should be near the window and away from flammable bed sheets and clothes.

  11. Libeerian

    Where’s the pool?

  12. Omega

    I would totally live there, it’s perfect size

  13. E

    Where’s the bathroom? I hope there is one.

  14. Critical Eye

    700 sq. ft. is actually pretty big, by New York standards.

  15. What the?!?

    700 sqft is HUGE! Why the need to put the bed above the kitchen?!? I just moved out of a 300sqft one bedroom NOT located above my kitchen…

  16. bsmith

    I wish that we could like comments that people write. haha @Libeerian. I think it is a great use of space but i am curious of where the bathroom is. also, the stove right under the bed. I guess you can really smell the bacon in the morning…

  17. Shandya

    Me and many other people around the world.

    Yeah, where’s the bathroom?

  18. -_-

    i agree with most of the comments here. the kitchen should not be under the bed, when frying something or cooking basically the smell will rise even with a ventilation thing it will still smell. now if the tv was underneath that would be absolutely perfect.

  19. caro p

    I think the bathroom is next to the kitchen. There is a door next to the stair, you can see it in one of the photos…that must be it.

  20. Bim

    I could definitely live there.

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