Glowing Table

Glowing Table

Unique wooden table designed and made by Mike Warren glows in the dark.

Cracks in the table were filled with photoluminescence ( glow ) powder and transparent resin. Beautiful table uses sunlight to charge up during the day and emits blue light during the night.

Glowing Wooden Table

Glow Wooden Table

Mike Warren Glow Table

Mike Warren Glowing Table

Glow in the Dark Table

Glow Table

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  1. Silas

    Absolutely beautiful. I wouldn’t mind having one. :)

  2. Gert

    Yah, I would totally buy that.

  3. POM

    Great initial concept. I suggest you experiment with different materials, such as corrugated metal. Imagine a narrow corrugated material or a grid material with shallow depth. Find a way to dam the powder and resin so you can create a series of lines. You can then control the pattern of the lines. Can you color or tint the powder and resin to get other effects? How about doing the powder and resin in a plexiglass box? A great start. Goo luck!

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