Real Weather in a Box

Real Weather in a Box

Weather simulation box designed by Kawamoto Ken will accurately visualize outdoor weather conditions in your living room.

Weather box can show realistic rain, clouds, thunder and lightning storm.

Weather Box

Tempescope Weather Box


Weather in a Box


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  1. Gert

    shut up and take my money!

  2. Wrexwas

    Wow! What a cool idea! It looks like their prototype has a bit of a leak at the top when it comes to fog, though. Hope they fix that before going into production. I also wonder what it looks like when it’s a sunny day? And, what does the red light indicate? Sunrise and sunset might be a good thing to add, as well.

    Regardless, this would be a fun way to teach kids about the weather and how they should dress themselves for various weather conditions. It’s a lot less ambiguous than looking out the window.

  3. Stuart Halliday

    Cute, a ultrasonic transducer in the base with water creates the fog, led lights in the lid produce the sunrise/sunset/lightening effect.

    Just needs to integrated with a small PC like the Raspberry PI and use the Wi-Fi so it can be placed any where.

  4. Arielle

    This is really cool!

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