Rain Room

Rain Room

Beautiful art installation at the Barbican Centre in London allows people to walk through the rain without getting wet.

Falling water is controlled by 3D tracking cameras and computer software that shuts off the rain in different sections of the room.

Innovative weather machine responds to the movement of each person.

Rain Room” was designed and created by rAndom International.

Rain Room by rAndom International

Room Filled with Rain

Rain Machine

Room Filled with Water

Indoor Rain

rAndom International

Rain Machine by rAndom International

Rain by rAndom International

Indoor Rain by rAndom International

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  1. Jani Khan

    Soon there will be a “Snow Room” :)

  2. reason

    Science wins this round.

  3. Niyari

    As cool as that is, I like the feel of rain :/

  4. mick

    Living in Wales, I’d make this illegal.

  5. MasterOche

    Wow!!! Get the full Seattle experience on real 3D soon in a theater near you!!!

  6. Eve

    Can I have one in my basement?

  7. Bill

    It gets hacked and hoses down a flock of nuns in 3… 2… 1…

  8. Douglas

    Subject to posted speed limits.

  9. Gert

    But the part I like about walking in the rain is it falling on me.

  10. Mark

    What about the lightning? LOL. Get everyone in the room and all relaxed and then WHAM! play the sound of thunder and flick the light switch on and off a few times. Then turn all the lights off to simulate the power outage. Throw in a wind machine and voila . . . welcome to the Nebraska experience!

  11. Amy

    @Mick, your comment made me LOL.

  12. Larna

    blahh..i rather walk in the rain and dance wet. woot woot

  13. Pearl

    I like rain whether I’m getting wet or not. Would love to see this exhibit.

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