Storm Cloud Lamp

Storm Cloud Lamp

Unique lamp designed by Richard Clarkson looks like miniature rain cloud.

Remote controlled lamp with powerful speakers and color changing lights.

It will light up your room and play the sounds of thunder and lightning.

Cloud Lamp

Richard Clarkson Cloud Lamp

Richard Clarkson

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  1. AdrianLee

    I don’t mind having this storm cloud lamp at home.

  2. Gert

    I so want this for my sitting room, it’s painted in clouds.

  3. Dave

    Dust magnet

  4. Sepehr

    Take my money… TAKE MY MONEY!!!

  5. Nicole

    Where can I find this lamp? My fiance saw it and I thought it make a nice gift for him.

  6. alice

    where can I buy this? I’ve looked everywhere but I dont know if I can find a cheaper version anywhere?

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