Car Made of Cardboard

Car Made of Cardboard

Real car made by Lexus out of 1700 individually shaped pieces of cardboard.

Car body, seats, wheels, and detailed interior all crafted out of cardboard.

Cardboard Lexus

Cardboard Car

Origami Car

Full Size Cardboard Car

Car Made out of Cardboard

Lexus Cardboard Car

Lexus Car Made of Cardboard

Origami Inspired Car

Drivable Cardboard Car

Real Cardboard Car

Functional Cardboard Car

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  1. John

    Awesome. I’m curious though, what do you suppose it weighs?

  2. Ahmet


  3. Swiper Fox

    That’s a fine art/craftsmanship! I hope that it will live long. You can waterproof it with water & pva (polyvinyl acetate). Epoxy & paint is optional.

    Step 1: mix 2 parts water & 1 part pva. Paint the car with it. Let it dry and repeat once.
    Step 2: mix 1 part water & 2 parts pva. Paint the car with it. Let it dry and repeat once.
    (It will now have a plastic finish look)
    Step 3: apply epoxy resin (adhesive+hardener) and smooth it by sanding.
    Step 4: paint it and let it dry.
    (You can skip Steps 3 & 4 if you want them to know that its made of cardboard.)

  4. Jason

    I had to make a 3d cardboard model in my first year of art college. I made scissors, doesn’t compare to this project. Looks like fun.

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