Pedal Powered Ferrari

Pedal Powered Ferrari

Human powered sports car designed by Austrian artist Hannes Langeder.

The world’s slowest Ferrari is equipped with 4 bicycle wheels with custom rims, 11 speed gearbox, and ultra-bright LED lighting system.

Eco-friendly Fahrradi Farfalla FFX is currently for sale for only £1.2 million.

Pedal Powered Car

Human Powered Car

Human Powered Sports Car

Pedal Powered Vehicle

Pedal Vehicle

Human Powered Ferrari

Pedal Car

Pedal Powered Sports Car

Human Powered Vehicle

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  1. Enrico Martinez

    You won’t get a speeding ticket here.
    Maybe on obstructing traffic on a highway by moving much slower that the minimum speed limit.
    Yaba-Daba-Doo!!! Fred Flinstone would love it!
    The fastest it can get is by rolling it downhill.
    Only disrespecting criminals (robbers or otherwise) would use it as a get away vehicle.
    As for its Carbon Footprint by using it, I think:
    Its a 98% Green Vehicle (No Fuel Consumption);
    02% Non-Green (Driver’s Carbon-Dioxide Breathe)

  2. Mangkum

    Can I use this awesome cycle while car free day? haha…

  3. Douglas

    It does have a certain cool factor, but $1,800,000.00? Absurd.

  4. Enrico Martinez

    For US $1.8M, it is Totally Absurd Price for a Soap-Box Derby Cart Tandem-Bike.

  5. Douglas

    The hypocrisy of art can be breath taking. To think you can have a REAL Enzo for less than this is laughable. The artist probably thinks his farts smell of rose petals.

  6. woops

    Guys, this car being for sale is clearly a joke. The manufacturers don’t have any SERIOUS intent on selling the bike. Did you see the promotional video? At least the artist has a sense of humor…

  7. Gert

    Did not know someone had an ego BIGGER than a Ferrari… kind of laughable. It might make sense if it was HALF the price of the real deal but… um… no… No one sane would pay that for a go-cart.

  8. Khairul Muhammad

    speechless.. XO

  9. The Hooded Claw

    The finish on the shell is awful, like badly done pepakura.

  10. Facebook

    With real Ferrari you feel proud about your car as it is fastest and expensive car in the world… but what about this car? Don’t you feel shame driving this funny pedal powered Ferrari replica?

    I will never use this car :)

  11. Pilicks

    I think this car has great potential except that when you pedal it and drive around at high noon, you will be slowly baking in your own juices. Not enough speed means in dead wind conditions, you’ll die of the heat.

  12. woops

    Are you people commenting still taking this 1.8 mil seriously?

  13. bryant

    looks fast

  14. rayu baba

    well if the worlds fastest byccler can ride it can be fast

  15. Jose

    exercised in style B)

  16. Maria

    If you are incapable of seeing the irony and humour behind this you really lack any wit. Seriously folks, lighten up. It’s meant to ignite the imagination. The whole video is hyper-real – intentionally. Vroom vroom! I think it’s brilliantly done and the mechanism inside is enough to make a cyclist cream themselves — it certainly does for this artist who makes human-powered artworks out of bike parts.

  17. brandon

    ill take it is it water proof

  18. Shilov

    Hahaha. Awesome video! Need to share this.

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