Magnetic Floating Table

Magnetic Floating Table

Innovative coffee table made out of wooden cubes and powerful magnets.

Levitating cubes table designed by Jessica Banks of Rock Paper Robot.

Coffee table strung together by wires is held in position by magnetic force which creates the illusion that wooden cubes are floating in the air.

The Float Table

RockPaperRobot Float Table

Jessica Banks Float Table

Float Table

Jessica Banks


Levitating Table

RockPaperRobot Magnetic Floating Table

Jessica Banks Magnetic Floating Table

RockPaperRobot Table

Jessica Banks Table

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  1. jack

    Cool, is it safe?

  2. eemke

    got to have one !

  3. iluvgert

    Hey Bob, your table is leaning.

  4. Shilov

    So cool!

  5. Roeland

    Very cool, but also dangerous for your phone, tablet etc. So I wouldn’t risk putting one like that in my livingroom.

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