Cat Furniture

Cat Furniture

Modular cat furniture designed by Stefan Hofmann of Goldtatze will help you easily transform any room into a fun playground for your pet.

Climbing poles, suspended platforms, and hanging bridges can be linked together and attached to walls and ceilings.

3D Cat Furniture

Modular Cat Furniture

Cat Platform

Cat Platforms

Cat Playground

Ceiling Furniture

Ceiling Furniture for Cats

Furniture for Cats

Hanging Furniture for Cats

Modular Furniture for Cats

Modular Furniture


Stefan Hofmann

Stefan Hofmann Cat Furniture

Stefan Hofmann Furniture

Goldtatze Furniture

Goldtatze Cat Furniture

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  1. Amir

    I would love to be a cat

  2. Betty


  3. randall

    tough to be a dog in that place

  4. Heeroe

    I love cats, but thats a bit too much. It must be the feeling of a human, living in a cat´s house…

  5. Huguette Zuccatti

    What a great way to entertain cats in the basement!

  6. ...mmmhh....

    i can picture the cat like falling off the bridge and on your head… :(

  7. erynne

    @Amir: Everybody wants to be a cat, because a cat’s the only cat who knows where it’s at.

  8. MaryBeth

    I’ve seen several, but this one is frickin awesome!

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