Innovative Dustpan

Sweeper and Dustpan

Brilliant design by Jan Kochanski allows the sweeper to be stored inside the handle of the dustpan.

Hollow dustpan handle is also designed be used as a funnel for clean and easy disposal of collected waste. [order]

Jan Kochanski

MENU Sweeper and Dustpan

Jan Kochanski Sweeper and Dustpan

Innovative Dustpan

Innovative Sweeper and Dustpan

Sweeper and Funnel

MENU Sweeper and Funnel

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  1. Maxim

    Nothing brilliant here. Sweeper handle will be always in dust and you will hold it with your naked hand, ffuuuuuu

  2. James

    Doesn’t make much sense, so there’s an open hole in the handle right, so dirt can flow out that direction? Firstly why reverse the direction as it’s easier to pour from the front and would the user accidently flick dirt into the hole and out again?

    If it had a plug on the handle part then great but it seems like the brush is the only plug.

  3. zaher

    the hanging idea is great but i don’t feel that disposing backward is useful

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