Backyard Office

Backyard Office

OfficePOD is a modern cubicle designed for people who work from home.

Having a dedicated workspace in your backyard will allow you to create a very important mental and physical boundary between home and work.

The POD comes with integrated desk for your laptop, plenty of storage space, and secure locking system.

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  1. bomberben

    cause nobody can break into that and steal your laptop!
    love the combo of wooded and glass styles

  2. shante


  3. Celzn

    Brilliant design!

  4. Bajo

    Nice for writers.

  5. afindaya

    i think i still need a window.

  6. Nikita

    I’d want to have the computer screen facing away from the window..

    Dont wanna get caught watching porn.

  7. Ryyx

    Looks like it takes up the same amount of space as a hot tub… Why not just stick a desktop onto a hot tub? Haha. Love the curvy design though

  8. kadal

    is it movable? if yes i want one…lol

  9. Nisa Zul


  10. z1

    Looks nice but it is office as much as any place where you can put your laptop

  11. big person

    A bit too small for me not to feel confined, besides, I need my desktop and printer to fit in.
    The main issue is heating and cooling, the glass design means it may get really hot in summer.

  12. Oliver

    I want that office chair!

  13. Christian

    It is cool and all. It just really looks out of place.

  14. Køreskoler

    Public restroom turned into an office ?

  15. Peter Olesen

    I must say, WOW! Would love to have an office like that, too bad I dont have a backyard. :/

  16. Larna

    sooner or later we’re ALL gonna need it to avoid traffic every morning and evening…muahaha

  17. chazzzz

    gosh, need this now ~ please

  18. Mark

    you can clearly fit a desktop and printer in there.

  19. anyaie

    no one would break in to steal things, they’ll steal the whole package instead!! (4×4 truck with a couple of chains?)
    love the cabients though *love*

  20. Leonardo Bayu

    WOW….you can combine with bed

  21. Simon W. Henriksen

    Anyone knows what chair that is?

  22. Kristoffer Jakobsen

    The chair is from Interstuhl and I mean it is called “silver chair”.

  23. Luliroleta

    Cute my ass! It clearly looks like a public restroom, and besides the days I “work from home” i dont want to be in an aisolated office in my yard, i want to be in my house, in a place i consider has the potencial to be my work place, not in a cube!!!

  24. Juan

    whats the estimated price? its awsome

  25. maks

    Its Ok what colours does it come in do they have any without the wood instead of glass can I have bricks or it will look odd in my garden

  26. Ken

    Very nice looking but — No kind of climate control is shown. That would make your office a terrarium, not a office.

    Also I am guessing the wood panels could be moved to shield the terrarium occupant from the direct sun.

    I’m just saying

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