Hands-Free Umbrella

Hands-Free Umbrella

Wearable umbrella designed to be worn like a backpack will protect you from the rain and free up your hands.

Nubrella – innovative hands-free umbrella comfortably rests on shoulders and folds when not in use. Can withstand powerful 40 mph winds.

Photographer Umbrella


Backpack Umbrella

Handsfree Umbrella

Nubrella Umbrella

Wearable Umbrella

Foldable Umbrella

Photography Umbrella

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  1. Pearl Lambie


  2. Dan Overlander

    Yeah, I’m still a little upset with Nubrella. I joined their Kickstarter back in the day, but never received my contribution return. Later, I contacted and heard back from them on Facebook; they said to send my information, which I did… aNNnnd I never heard back from them again, despite reaching multiple times after that.

    SO, yeah, I still think the product is awesome and I’m even partial to just saying “screw it” and straight up buy a new one, but their customer service will ALWAYS leave a terrible taste in my mouth. :(

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