The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man

Chinese artist Liu Bolin is back with more of his wonderful camouflage art.

Body covered with paint almost completely blends in with the surroundings. The goal is to represent the diminishing humanity in today’s society.




Great Wall



Forbidden City


Coal Pile


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  1. Duncecap

    Lol so cool

  2. Nisa Zul

    awesome! *thumbs up!*

  3. douglas

    The can display is incredible. If not for the shoes he would indeed be invisible. The guy is amazing.

  4. peppy

    Isn’t it his assistants who are amazing? He just kind of stands there.

  5. Anna

    i aggre with peppy but he still has to stay still for a long time (in the video it said 4 hours)

  6. Svetlina

    I wonder what he`s showing at those exhibitions :) Photos or real time painting?

  7. Art of Concept

    Really cool artist! I give thumbs up as well!

  8. CrazyGentleMan

    the one in the super market is the most awesome one

  9. Sunny

    Photoshop can handle that easily.

  10. John M

    Yeah, that video also said that HE painted himself. Whatever, he came up with the idea, maybe, but it’s his assistants who are painting and photographing at exactly the correct angle.

  11. Toski

    well it’s definitely awesome!! but yeah… makes you wonder WHAT makes an artist, an artist!! if I hire the best painter or sculptor to design something for me… does that make ME the artist? i really don’t think so. So right on you dumb assistants!! you are the ones that should be getting all the credit!! hahaha

  12. Ray

    Amazing! hats off for avoiding photoshop!

  13. Tara

    Nice work!

  14. Rosemary S

    i think that this man should get a proper job and stop wasting his and others time and money. love you lots

  15. kadal

    @rosemary when you reach the level of incredible art, you dont have to do a job, there’re only wasting time and money to satisfy your mind and idea….lol….and sometimes money comes to you…

  16. Mad =^..^=

    All in all, he’s just another brick in the Great Wall of China‚Ķbut seriously, what amazing work!

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