Hooded Backpack

Hooded Backpack

Creative backpack designed by Hussein Chalayan comes with built-in hood that will protect you from the rain, snow, and wind.

Innovative “hoodie backpack” was created for PUMA‘s Urban Mobility line.

It has plenty of compartments for your laptop, phone, and books.

Hoodie Backpack

Puma Hoodie Backpack

Backpack with a Hood

Urban Mobility Hooded Backpack

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  1. Betty

    Elegant. Built in rain gear.

  2. Banaan

    Another hooded item, that’s just great and exactly what I needed! Still waiting for hooded teacups though. How handy would that be, drinking a cup of tea outside while being protected from the elements!

  3. Max

    I like it, still I don’t see any need to buy this, ever. Regardless it’s much better than the hoodie-pillow and other freak hoodie combos which are featured on this website every once so often. At least this is functional and fasionable (to a certain extent).

  4. Enrico Martinez

    Come to think of it…
    (even when it rains/snows)The hood comes off your head,
    if ever you needed something from your backpack, like an umbrella.

  5. Gert

    Oh for crying out loud… just because you CAN make something doesn’t make it actually useful or something anyone would ever want.

  6. Frederick

    In all honesty that looks quite creepy.

  7. Kittu

    Would only work as a style statement…

  8. Rob

    Whenever I need a hood, I usually need sleeves too.

  9. bob

    THIS IS TO SICK! i want one

  10. Amy

    It’s pretty useful if like me, you often forget your umbrella and wear the same non-hooded jacket every day and need to protect your hair from the elements

  11. Brandon

    Regardless of whether it’s a good solution to being caught out in the rain or cold, I like the creative, unexpected look of it.

  12. Jennifer

    Won’t the weight of the items in your pack then rest on your head instead of your head rather than your shoulders? I’m not so sure it functions well in use.

  13. carol

    Where can I buy one????

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