Tube Apartments in Hong Kong

Tube Apartments in Hong Kong

Stackable tube apartments designed for modern cities with expensive real estate and limited available construction space.

Tube apartments are a low cost living units created to ease Hong Kong’s affordable housing problem.

Made of concrete tubes (2.5m in diameter), each apartment for one or two people is equipped with space saving furniture and small bathroom.

“OPod Tube Housing” concept designed by James Law Cybertecture.

Tube Apartment

OPod Tube Housing

Tube Apartments

OPod Tube Housing Hong Kong

James Law Cybertecture

Pipe Apartment

Tube House

Concrete Tube Apartment

Tube Housing

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  1. Swiper Fox

    Box-shape is much better.
    Stacking is easier. No rolling away when accidents happen.
    Need bigger space? Adjacent units are easy to combine.
    With the width & height the same as the circle’s diameter, more storage space in box apartments.

  2. Sigh

    Totally agree with Swiper Fox… the “tube” might look good but does nothing unless you utilize those empty corners for storage. I see on a few pictures where they are putting plants in them, but if your entire goal is to utilize space, this is a bad design.

  3. The "Boo" girl

    That couple in the third from the bottom picture are so happy they’re walking on air!

  4. eemke

    agree , lots of space lost ! maybe good for homeless people

  5. david

    Swiper Fox: no question that the box shape would be more useful, but I believe the idea here is lower cost with flexibility. Tubes are not only less expensive to build but are structurally self-sufficient, and can be stacked without issue. If these were boxes, the bottom rows might collapse without additional support. BTW, stacked cubes have been done many times. Look up Habitat 67 in Montreal.

  6. rex

    Yeah, again, architect’s dream of rubbish… can we stop this b#lsh#t

  7. Patrick de Boevere

    Honeycomb-shape anyone? Less lost space and more buzzing.
    I would also go for square, just like the tubes, the concrete industry sells these shapes also in standard sizes.

  8. Tagloff

    A square design would be more useable and it’s called box culverts. It’s what they’re using to deal with flash flooding in Las Vegas, where they’re using prefab box culverts that are the size of two car garages. And those stairs, omg, those stairs, unless you never fall below zero celsius, those stairs are useless.

  9. lala

    It works for people who has literary no belongings… Where does people’s clothes go? Bags? Books? Shoes? Tv? Groceries? It is a good idea for a hotel or for people to stay for a short period of time but definitely not for living…

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