Cool Stackable Refrigerator Concept

Cool Stackable Refrigerator Concept

Flatshare refrigerator by Stefan Buchberger, a design student at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, allows each person in your household to have their own personal refrigerator space.

Flatshare Fridge by Stefan Buchberger

The refrigerator consists of a base station and up to 4 stackable modules. Each module can be customized with various skins and different add-ons.

Flatshare Fridge

Stackable Refrigerator

Stackable Fridge

Stackable Fridge by Stefan Buchberger

Stackable fridge is perfect for people that live with messy roommates.

Flatshare Refrigerator by Stefan Buchberger

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  1. Mika

    Would have loved this in college!

  2. mostafa

    very nice idea! i love modular things. but i think it would be better with the ability of horizontal installation.

  3. Kikishua

    I think I want one – even though I’m the only one in the house!

  4. Jeff

    Yeah these are great for college kids. I only have one suggestion though: The designers should have included a lock for each module. You won’t want your flatmates to steal or spike your drinks would you?

  5. milwaukee realtor

    That is so cool and opens up so many more decorating ideas. My mind is racing with ideas on how to use them!!

    only drawback i can see is 4 times the power usage and 4 times the energy bill every month!

  6. urwen

    OMG!! this is great! any chances of this being actually available?

  7. Jef

    @milwaukee realtor: i don’t think it’s 4 times cuz the power comes from the bottom unit and the modules are unpowered. they work with the air vents that you can see in the pics that show the tops of them.

    @jeff: i second that about the locks.

  8. Numanul Subhani

    Very innovative idea…. Perfect for students dorm rooms..

  9. kelven cheah

    excellent design

  10. Sarah

    Would love to have a piece of this. Or two. And three.

  11. Pam

    Way to think outside the box about a box! I’d like to see other modules: freezer, ice & water, wine refer (w/ glass door)… really inspires the imagination!

  12. cindy

    awesomeness…. wish my college have that for the dorms… wouldn’t have to put up with other people’s moldy food

  13. niol


  14. Jodie

    Not just college people, either! Workplaces… shared homes… This is awesome! So would have purchased this a couple of years ago – shared with roomates and my salsa kept going missing… “Oh, I thought that was mine!” Hmmmm… riiiight.

  15. Mari

    really awesome. intelligent design is gonna change the world, or, at least, make this a better place. you spend less energy opening only the block you need =)

  16. Elys

    I still have a major problem with this design. Cold air sinks- when you open a vertical door the cold air flows out. When decisions were being made on design for the original refrigerators, cheap energy seemed endless. Now that it is not- you still see the vertical door design. Why? Because peoples minds are ‘stuck’ on this design and have difficulty imagining anything else. The vertical door freezer/refrigerator design itself needs changed and no amount of paint or cut out areas can change this. The vertical door design pads the pockets of the petroleum and coal energy suppliers just as it has for over 50 years now- to the tune of billions of wasted dollars and wasted energy.

  17. Saifuddin

    hope this product in Singapore market!!!!!!!! that would great

  18. AC

    The vertical door problem aside, I imagine that only opening 1/4 of a fridge at a time might actually save energy. That’s cool . . . literally and figuratively.

    The problem with the design, however, is that not all food items are personal: some are shared. Complicating this, some have a form factor that only fits in a larger fridge. Often these are the shared items, like a jug of milk or bottle of ketchup.
    And frozen pizzas? As the song says: gotta know where to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, etc.

    As well, I think a horizontal (chest or eye-level) installation would be more useful/ interesting. Stack the crackers and pasta vertically; give me a fridge that’s horizontal.

  19. Rose Skegg

    I want to know where the freezer part of the fridge would be. I live in a dorm now and personal fridge space is doable, although roomies do take stuff from time to time, but I can never buy anything for the freezer because my roomies take up the whole thing. I would need my own personal freezer space too. Otherwise, this is a great idea.

  20. Paul

    Excellent idea, but desperately needs the option of locks on each compartment.

    Will it ever make it into production?

  21. Jennifer

    It would also be useful for maintaining kashrut in a limited space, like an apartment where you don’t have room for two refrigerators but want to keep meat and dairy in completely different compartments. I would also prefer it in an eye-or-chest-level horizontal format — if you can make it modular, you can run the modules sideways instead of up and fown — way convenient!!

  22. Pichak

    Would love to have a piece of this. Or two. And three.


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