Apartments made from Stacked Houses

Apartments made from Stacked Houses

Creative building made from stacked houses is located in Tokyo, Japan.

Designed by Sou Fujimoto Architects. Photographs by Iwan Baan.

Stacked Building

Modern Apartment

Apartment in Japan

Apartment in Tokyo

Japanese Apartment

Modern Bathroom


Tokyo Apartments

Stacked Houses

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  1. Bajo

    It is too difficult to climb up when drunk :P

  2. ge

    More like a corner Treehouse than an apartment

  3. Darrell

    @ ge Totally agree.

  4. Kristina

    Looks awesome!

  5. Sicilija

    who’s gonna clean that kind of house?

  6. Doink

    Architects on crack:D That’s awesome!

  7. mark

    Seems all clashed together, the windows especially. Doesn’t flow.. .maybe I’m missing the point.

  8. Bringa

    Its definitly not for old people , nor families with little children , but i really like the looks and that there is soo much light flowing in and out!

  9. yui

    love it! the windows rock and it has a modern yet comfy feel.

  10. K

    I can understand why there is no furniture in there yet.

  11. Hal

    did that guy in the third picture from the bottom committing suicide? because I would be that frustrated too if i lived(key word)in this treehouse

  12. Tom Cotter

    I think there is still room for solar power on the roof, ha.

  13. enav

    mental care house

  14. Chris

    @Hal LMAO!!!! It seems like some kind of dream world, so unreal…

  15. Rob

    Looks like it sacrifices function over form.

  16. Pluto Nash

    Yo are you tryna hurt someone? Not for the impaired.

  17. Dreaming

    Amazing until you realize you need to get furniture in there, but beautiful all the same. <3

  18. Jess

    Dang…you better REALLY like Ikea furniture if you move in here. And cots.

  19. Alicia

    the bathroom is lovely !

  20. Sarah

    Neat to look at, impossible to live in… no pets, little kids, carrying food or beverages around, moving furniture…

  21. Taz

    Wow that’s really.. white! :P
    it looks good but l dunno about living there! i think they should’ve used stairs instead of that ladder.. To make it more ”not-athletics freindly” :D

  22. Lawrence

    I love the windows. Not sure if I could live there but it is cool. Sure wouldn’t want to deal with getting furniture in there.

  23. ChEeSe

    that would be super fun to live in!!

  24. Chloe

    woo hoo! I love it! i wish i lived in that house! haha!:)

  25. Patricia May Atkinson

    oh yah. me too. but its just that if i had it myself that would be COOL. :S

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