Innovative Apartment in Hong Kong

Innovative Apartment in Hong Kong

Gary Chang, a talented architect from Hong Kong, has equipped his tiny 330 square foot apartment with a sliding wall system that allows him to create 24 different room configurations.

As the suspended wall units are shifted around, the apartment transforms into a kitchen, library, laundry room, dressing room, an enclosed dining area or a lounge with a hammock. [images via AFP, NT]

Innovative Hong Kong Apartment

Apartment in Hong Kong

Gary Changs Tiny Apartment

Tiny Apartment

Gary Chang

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  1. url00

    That is awesome.
    I would live there.

  2. Joel

    That is so cool

  3. DeniSmartBox

    That is just amazing! very, very nice!

  4. Blaine

    this is awesome, but even as interesting and innovative as it is, over a million dollars for a tenement apartment is absurd

  5. jacqueline ratliff

    I am absolutely amazed at this …i showed it to all my friends.This is so phenomenal an idea i wish more people thought this way.You have everything that you need.

  6. Moburkhardt

    real nice but i wouldnt wanna live in that little space

  7. cosmin

    and if you have guests how can they watch tv while you make them some popcorn or something, or if they need to go to toilet?

  8. Critical Eye

    Incredible design. If he could do all that with a 330 sq. ft. studio, just think what could be done with a larger space!

  9. Vlad Iepure

    i want one ^_^

  10. Moo

    sooooo cool! Still, if you have enough money to install all that really expensive looking stuff, don’t you have enough money to just get a bigger place?

  11. De Stijl

    Gerit Reitveld did this in Holland in 1920’s with the Schroeder House… cool modern take on it though

  12. Final

    @Moo in hongkong if you are only slightly richer, its still hard to get a big house. unless if you are freaking rich den thats a different story.

  13. latincrow


    actually is pretty cheap considering it’s hong kong and the design is really nice, also those are HKD (hong kong dollars) about 167372 USD

  14. deekomoose


    But, I can’t imagine more than one person living there, what if one person wants to cook while the other wants to watch TV?

    Or the guest is jet-lagged an needs to sleep and the other needs a good soak in the bath?

  15. sandi


  16. Josemi

    He is a very clever architect. I like the illusion of more space with the mirrors.

  17. John

    Wow, maybe I also have to transform my auntie home in hk just like this too

  18. Peter


  19. Spanki

    This is amazing!
    it obvious for single or justa couple you couldn’e handle much more
    but a great idea for hong kong
    no where else really tho

  20. Jun

    What a nice design.. but I still wouldnt live in this kind of space… reason was still too small..

  21. AnitaG

    Awesome design, pretty smart and clever but what this is really showing is these people’s lives reducing themselves to a minimum space…they are packed, how sad is that?

  22. enav

    terrible place to live…. is just insane

  23. Karin L.

    This is amazing!!!

  24. MMM

    Really inspiring! Beautiful and functional.

  25. delere

    Great for one maybe two if the two have similar schedules/habits. As a long time huge fan of alternative residential architecture I love it.

  26. Aoki-chan

    Wow! Amazing! I liked it! Very COOL

  27. Various

    @Blaine its 1.3m HONG KONG thats around 200, 000 USD
    pretty amazing what people can do with small spaces

  28. gord286

    actually, you can watch TV and have someone in the kitchen at the same time, notice in the video he pulls the TV close to watch it.

  29. Chen

    cool ,i am chinese , i like it

  30. AN

    That’s AMAZING! I think our future will more or less be like this. The world is so crowded!

  31. Bert

    simply brilliant

  32. Bilal

    this is very interestting but space is always 330sf. you have to move in boundry.

  33. panubo

    @ deekomoose
    its awesome, and yes, some sacrifices are made, but is very clever, this is going to be a problem i the future: space


  34. panubo

    totally agree with AN

  35. ioni

    Feels a little bit claustrophobic, no?

  36. anna

    i like this house and i would like to live there i just love it!

  37. Dimpu Ning

    an amazing innovative idea. its just a thought that creates a big difference to the world we live in. Lets make the world even greener!!!!!! cheers…..

  38. Chetan Haria

    Amazing Innovation. If he can transform 330 sq.ft space in such a amazing way then he can do miracles in a normal appartments.

  39. surita

    maybe he sits enough at work he doesn’t need to sit at home, there are no chairs!

  40. Ankita

    that’s innovative, awesome, incredible amazing! a wonderful piece of creativity….. i envy you for having such an amazing home.

  41. Amy

    He is one genius. WOW!

  42. Bo Kalvslund


    Love the design and the ligth.

    Very talented architect.

  43. Al bob

    To whoever said this flat was a waste of 1.6 million:

    thats hong kong dollars, silly! that translates to roughly $167,000 US dollars. (source:

    and this is a BA flat!!!

  44. k prabhakar rao

    simply brilliant

  45. Bobb

    If it was cheaper, any student would live here!

  46. jacobpaige

    @deekomoose: You can watch TV while someone else cooks, you’ll just be closer to the TV than would be normal. Also, you can take a bath while you’re guest sleeps if you’re willing to sleep on the guest bed or in the hammock and let them have the main bed.

  47. IrMa

    Oh my God!! He has a brilliant idea… Amazing. But, that design I think not suitable for bigger family..

  48. Euto Lau

    So proud of you , Gary Chang !

  49. rad.

    Nice and smart. Appreciate the idea but 330 square foot is… large space for many people.
    Warsaw, Poland – there are 170-230 sq ft apartments, inhabited by 1-2 people and no access for so innovative technologies like sliding walls.

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