Modern Studio Apartment

Modern Studio Apartment

JPDA architects converted tiny 500 square foot apartment in New York into efficient living space that doubles as home office.

Unique apartment features intricately sculpted wooden core that contains new kitchen, small bathroom, integrated drawers, and comfortable bed.

East Village Studio

Modern Bedroom

Modern Bed

JPDA East Village Studio

Modern Office

Modern Kitchen


Modern Bathroom

Modern Shower

Modern Drawers

East Village Studio Apartment

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  1. Immelmann

    Kinda nice, but I’d worry about the drawers being left open on the stairs. Seems like an easy way to break a foot.

  2. EugiKo

    omg, so cool!!!!!

  3. Lilia Smiles

    The house is very long….but I think the doorway should’ve opened up into the living room. That way the house seems bigger, so the kitchen and bedroom should swap sides with the living room.

  4. Andre

    Inspiring! :)

  5. Sam

    Lilia … yes but I think they were constrained by the location of windows.

  6. Maru

    I like the concept but wouldn’t use too much wood in big pieces all over. It’s boring. If I live there I would be tired of the wood texture in a week!

  7. Lilia Smiles

    Oh, thank you Sam! But this brings up another issue…poor ventilation. Wind won’t come in if it can’t go out!

  8. Sharyn

    I think it’s a brilliant use of space. I prefer to have a bit more space – but it’s one of the few “efficient” living spaces I’ve seen that I think would be easy to actually live in rather than just somewhere to visit.

  9. craig

    I wonder what the price tag is.

  10. Chad

    Lilia, you really want the natural light from the windows to be in the living room/office, so the configuration they use is the right one.

  11. Angela

    Seems commenters are missing the point….this was an existing space, likely in a very old NYC building. There is no way to change where the bones of the building (i.e., windows, entrances, etc) are. The point is the architect worked within thos constraints.

  12. Elliott

    Nice place! 500 sq ft really isn’t that small for a studio. Heck, the 1bdrm I’m living in right now is only 700-ish. The steps scare me too, though! Stumbling around at night for the bathroom seems dangerous!

    Also, those super hight ceilings sure didn’t hurt. They essentially added a second story!

  13. Marie-Axelle

    Does anyone notice that there is no proper table in there?
    not that practical I think

  14. Gert

    I’d probably switch out the sectional for a single couch a small drop leaf 2 person dining table and have a couple of padded side parlor chairs for additional seating myself. That would open up the space a bit too.

    This is not ideal for an artist and all their stuff but it would be just fine for the average person with minimal hobbies or who’s hobby is playing x-box etc.

  15. Darrell

    I wanna live there.

  16. Princess

    This is just so intense! Way too creative and a nice way to maximize your space. We own a condo unit with this dimension too but wouldn’t thought of having that spacious usage :)

  17. Kristina

    That looks so awesome! I would definitely live there!

  18. tanpabeban

    there shouldn’t be so much wood in the kitchen… i think the fire more hunger in this house….

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