Life Preserver Necklace

Life Preserver Necklace

Inflatable personal safety flotation device shaped to perfectly fit around your neck is lightweight, compact, and reusable.

Ploota senses when your head is under water for 30 seconds and inflates.

The Ploota

Neck Life Preserver


Life Jacket Necklace

Life Necklace

Inflatable Necklace

Life Vest Necklace

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  1. Patrick McGinty

    No mention about whether this is Coast Guard Approved or not.
    Get Coast Guard approval and you will sell more.
    There are inflatable Coast Guard approved personal life vests available. The attached video only shows it inflated in a pool. I would like to see it inflated in the surf.

  2. Shilov

    Love the idea, but wont it be better if it were not around your neck? As in would it become a choking Hazard?

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