Snorkel for Swimmers

Snorkel for Swimmers

Innovative breathing device allows people to swim without having to move their head and come up for air.

Powerbreather snorkel for swimmers: The air is inhaled through the valve behind the head and exhaled through the mouthpiece. Head and neck muscles stay relaxed, the person can concentrate on swimming.

Powerbreather Snorkel


Powerbreather Snorkel for Swimmers

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  1. Betty

    I want! I don’t do the breast stroke just because of the breathing problem. IF the water really does stay out–

  2. Mish Varney

    ‘For swimmers’ as opposed to…?
    Dog walkers? Bus drivers?

  3. Gert

    Clever idea but it becomes such a ingrained habit to turn your head side to side while swimming most who do so would have to make serious effort to change the habit. lol

  4. Douglas

    Always like to see innovation, but this seems destined to be just a novelty. It must be embraced across the board, which it won’t, otherwise it’s either a crutch or an unfair advantage.

  5. Shilov

    For a swimming newbie like me, this would be very useful. Sure, it’ll not help me in learning the correct breathing techniques, but it’ll make it easier to master the floating and movement parts. Should come with a course on ‘what to do when u lose your snorkel’ attached.

  6. Lance

    @ Mish
    As opposed to divers

  7. dane

    With all the added drag of two seperate snorkels framing the swimmer’s head is the cap really doing anything?

  8. Mark

    Need to design it for more speed by flattening the tubes, which would keep them closer to the head creating less drag.

  9. Dustin

    It looks like it will add a lot of drag.

  10. Alex

    Thoroughly enjoy the picture of the guy using it during butterfly – yet he’s still coming up for a breath ;)

    Anyway, I’d love to see if this thing would even stay on doing a flip-turn or if it would fill up with water

  11. Swiper Fox

    I still want the breather used by James Bond, or by Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn, or by Sherlock Holmes

  12. David

    You can improve the product integrating the googles and the snorkel in a whole mask

  13. antimony

    breathing technique is an important part of swimming actually, so this can be used for leisure activities but not efficient for sports i think. also it will slow you down

  14. Bill Ungar

    As an industrial designer I’ve designed many snorkels, and I have to say that I am impressed with the design of the powerbreather. Snorkels in general add a bit of drag, but I don’t see this as an issue here, as it would be minimal and unnoticeable. I like that it can be worn around the neck when not in use – it might be just fine for traditional snorkeling – I’d like to try one!

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