Hubless Bicycle

Hubless Bicycle

Futuristic bicycle with innovative hubless wheels features small electric motor and removable battery inside the frame.

PILOT hubless bicycle designed by Franz Cerwinka is made out of strong and lightweight 7005 series aluminum.

Bicycle with Hubless Wheels

Hubless Wheels Bicycle

Hubless Gear Design

With an off center axle, and addition gear was required for the wheels to spin at the proper rate while pedaling naturally.

Pedaling is further assisted with an onboard motor that provides an extra boost when the throttle is pressed.

Hubless Bike

Bike with Hubless Wheels

Storage Box Attachment

Hubless Storage

Hubless Wheels Bike

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  1. TangoBravo

    There is long road between CAD generated dreams, and physical reality of objects.
    Wake me up when the designer has a working prototype.

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