15 Unusual and Creative Pencils

15 Unusual and Creative Pencils

The most creative pencils and unusual pencil designs from around the world.

Wooden Spoon Pencil

Great gift for the cook who takes notes while tasting the food.

Wooden Spoon Pencil

Flexible Pencils

Cool pencil for kids and adults makes a great stress relief toy.

Flexible Pencils

Mistakes Pencil

Clever pencil design for someone that makes a lot of mistakes.

Mistakes Pencil

Drumstick Pencils

These unique pencils were designed to promote music lessons by Brazilian drum teacher Christian Delano. [more]

Drumstick Pencils

Clothes Peg Pencil

Creative pencil by Yuta Watanabe uses modified clothes peg to hold the lead in place.

Clothes Peg Pencil

Pre-Chewed Pencil

No need to spend time chewing your pencil, just get down to some concentrated thinking and who knows what you might come up with.

Pre Chewed Pencil

Graphite Pencils

Sculptor Agelio Batle sees these objects as sculptures, but they are also fully functional drawing tools. All of their surfaces can write.

Graphite Pencils

Touch Pad Pencil

Made from a super special space age silicone material that exactly mimics the electrical resistance of a human finger.

Touch Pad Pencil

Pencil Earrings

These earrings will make sure that you always have a pencil. [more]

Earrings Pencils

Mustache Pencils

Write with a mustache. Set of 5 pencils printed with famous mustaches (Salvador, Zorro, Burt, Django, Clark).

Mustache Pencils

Moss Pencil

Unusual wooden pencil design covered with green flocking.

Moss Pencil

Eggshell Pencil

Cool pencil by Nicolas Cheng made from eggshells using a high pressure technique.

Eggshell Pencil

Musical Pencil

Drawdio is a creative pencil that produces sounds when you draw.

24K Gold Pencil

The surface of the gold pencil by Daisung Kim is carefully plated with a thin layer of 99% pure gold.

24K Gold Pencil

Pocket Clip Pencil

Each white pencil has a clip carved into it, so that it can be attached to pockets and book covers.

Pocket Clip Pencil

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  1. JimmyJohn

    Great stuff. I really like the gold ones.

  2. ajayjshah

    Really like the simple and creative design of the Pocket Clip Pencil. Have seen something very similar and along these lines before, somewhere?

  3. Simplicity??

    The Touch Pad Pencil, and Pocket Clip Pencil are inventive. The Musical Pencil is whimsical and very creative. The rest aren’t very interesting, IMHO.

  4. Carlos:)

    Wow that gold
    Onee sound cool!:)

  5. dmantra

    Pencil Womders!! cool

  6. desmond



    Mustache ones are too cool for school!!

  8. Dsign75

    My Favorite is the drum pencil. Love to get one for myself!
    any idea where I can get one?

  9. Zunny

    drawdio needs a nicer tone- then it might actually catch on-
    now it sounds too much like the dentists office-

    cool concept for sure

  10. Karin L.

    Pretty Clever!

  11. Kate


  12. Alex

    There was some student work from Kingston university that would of been perfect for this article. They created pencils out of different tree’s in a national park. Earned themselves a D&AD award

  13. Lettuces

    @Dsign75 – They sell the drumstick pencils at SUCK UK or at Amazon.

  14. Mask

    love the drawdio – moustache one made me smile too.

  15. Reilly

    The mistake one made me laugh… thought I had to think about it first to get the joke… seems like it might snap off easily, though.

    Also, the egg shell one… why?

    And the the graphite one would seem like your hands would get really dirty.

  16. cchana

    love them all! could do with the mistakes one sometimes!

  17. Michelle

    WOW! these pencils are awsome I could just imagine having those pencil earrings and showin them off lol! I also have the flexible penci and wooden spoon pencil.

  18. Fresh

    Very nice! My favorite are the Moss, Clothes Pin and Drumstick ones.

  19. MapleStory

    most designs are not very nice, but only some are interesting and innovative. I like the gold one

  20. pretty kool!

    These pencils are pretty cool! I especially like the drumsticks, the clothes pins, the laptop cursor one, and the earrings!Oh and who could forget about that gold one! Must be expensive! Not too crazy about the sound making one. IT SOUNDS ANNOYING!!

  21. Shreyans Mehta

    I am also a pencils collector
    I have got near about 2,000 Pencils
    i am a sepecial child.
    Please help me in collecting Pencils
    I want to go for_____________ book.

  22. Makayla

    I really enjoy the Clothes Peg Pencil, but I feel like I would run out of led ALL the time. But I love them alll :)

  23. courtz

    WHO CHEWS THE PENCILS!!! that’s half the fun of a pencil!

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