Skateboard with Hubless Wheels

Skateboard with Hubless Wheels

ObliqO is an innovative recreational device that combines the swinging motion of a snakeboard with a pair of hubless wheels.

Designed by Michele Camerlengo, the prototype features an aluminium alloy frame and two epoxy coated birch plywood decks.


ObliqO with Hubless Wheels

ObliqO Snakebord

ObliqO Sign

ObliqO by Michele Camerlengo

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  1. Kirvi Inci

    Interesting concept. Looks like it would be fun.

  2. archatas

    It would be interesting to try it.

  3. StEC

    WOW I don’t skateboard but I sure wanna try this!!! Very cool concept I hope it makes it’s way to retail stores!

  4. Dug

    I don’t understand how this could work. it seems that it would be hard to keep your speed, and carving wouldn’t work because of the bone between your ankle and your knee.

  5. Dug

    ha ha, oh, didn’t see the video, or the bar inbetween. right on. this is cool.

  6. ernesto

    This concept has been done and is on the market in CA. It’s not very comfortable to ride because you have to lean in order to keep the wheels from rubbing on your legs. The other one that’s out there has smaller wheels which helps but is still more of a novelty.

  7. Joas

    just a bit to much!! how do I work that!!!

  8. ajayjshah

    Looks like major fun. I def. would want to try it.

  9. Den

    Interesting! Looks like fun too, I’d try it!

  10. timmay

    i think this is awesome, i dont really skateboard but i would definentily want to buy it

  11. Chad

    Wonder if this could be done without the bar . . . kind of like roller skates.

  12. bon jovi


  13. Non-Artsy Guy

    Are you kidding me?!? This this is horrible. There are so many problems. It doesn’t seem conducive to doing tricks; how do you pedal in order to go faster; what if you were going up-hill; etc… This product only detracts from the other products that are already out and it is minimizes the range of motion one can use when skating. I wouldn’t even try riding it.

  14. Mr.Great

    I agree with Non-Artsy Guy, but you have to admit, most things that are hubless look cool.


  15. Karin L.

    Very interesting!!!

  16. John

    Looks very cool at first glance.. but I’ve got the same worries as Non-Artsy Guy.. seems to me it just looks cool, but won’t really work.

  17. anna


  18. Grampy Numbskull

    Those look lamer than froot boot? Why do people keep trying to re invent skateboards? If it ain’t broke, don’t try and fix it!

  19. Grampy Numbskull

    And that video is horrible! It looks like really poorly done stop motion animation with the rider’s herky jerky pumping style! Seriously, this has zero style. I can’t understand how that appeals to anyone. Watch this video below, and see how graceful and smooth skateboarding can be and then go back and watch this eyesore above.

  20. glibberish

    Good try, but this won’t rid the world of skateboarders. I say we stick with Plan A.

  21. mrsleep

    This thing is really stupid, and you look like an asshole riding one.

  22. Person

    How do you move if you can’t push yourself along because your feet are being held in.

  23. andrew

    where can i get one

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