IWI Accordion Cabin

IWI Accordion Cabin

Expandable micro cabin designed to be opened up like an accordion takes up minimal space when closed and becomes a spacious room when opened.

IWI Accordion Cabin made for people who need a dedicated room to work or relax, but do not have enough space to install a full-sized micro house.

Large glass doors maximize natural light, creating a bright and welcoming environment to spend time in.

Whether you need an office pod, a private workshop, or a place to rest, the IWI Cabin has got you covered.

The exterior of the IWI Cabin is made out of plywood, giving it a classic look that blends well with any backyard or patio.

Micro cabin is built with electric and water hookups, making it a functional living space that can be used year-round.

Add an extra room to your house or backyard using IWI Accordion Cabin.

IWI Cabin

IWI Expandable Cabin

IWI Collapsable Cabin

Expandable Cabin

IWI House

Collapsable Cabin

IWI Micro-House

IWI Micro-Cabin

Accordion Cabin

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