Art Carved into Books

Art Carved into Books

Kylie Stillman carves silhouettes of trees and birds into stacked books.

The master of intricate paper carving lives in Melbourne, Australia.

Book Carvings

Stacked Books Art

Book Art

Stacked Books Carving

Carved Books

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Stacked Books

For more inspiration, check out: Old Books Used as Canvas

  1. sarabeak88

    mmhmm was recycled books? hahaha..

  2. Sharyn

    A beautiful way to recycle that old hard copy Encyclopaedia set!

  3. Darrell

    Wow. O_o I like.

    (There’s going to be comments hating this because the artist wasted perfectly readable books, or something along those lines. Just wait.)

  4. Ron

    these books could’ve been read instead! what a waste!

    ok, those are the comments that are going to pop up later on. or would’ve popped up had Darrell not pointed it out already.

    without context on what the books were, I don’t think it’s fair to call it a “waste of perfectly good books” immediately. I think it’s pretty. The detail is incredible. However, I will admit to one thing – the novelty of “so and so from books” is starting to wear on me

  5. place name here

    belongs in a gallery…it is edgy cos its controversial…perhaps subliminal message about literacy…I dunno :)

  6. Libeerian

    My librarian mother is turning in her grave right now.

  7. Meow

    Nice! Was it worth all the paper cuts? (: Just kidding!

  8. Lib Aide Jon

    I work at a library and I can say for sure that this is a brilliant way to recycle old editions and damaged books. I’m sad to say that all libraries “weed” out damaged or obsolete editions so as to remain at optimum levels of quality. It brings me joy to see these books that would otherwise be pulped and recycled, reborn as works of art. I want to see if I can come up with my own way to reincarnate the books from my library :3

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