Miniature Food Rings

Miniature Food Rings

Amazing food rings handmade by Sofia, a Canadian artist living in Japan.

Constructed out of many types of plastic, glass, ceramic, and metal; each ring comes with an adjustable band. [Sofia’s etsy store]

Box of Chocolates Ring

Noodles Ring

Milk and Cookies Ring

Bacon and Eggs Ring

Coca Cola and Bagel Sandwich Ring

Beverage Ring

Bagels Ring

Pringles Ring

Pie Ring

Coffe and Donut Ring

Cola and Chips Ring

Food Rings

Sub Sandwich Ring

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  1. Julie

    Friggin adorable!

  2. Eltello


  3. Koi Koi

    Pretty cool. Although I’d prefer them without the ring part.

  4. K A B

    Interesting but I really don’t understand what the point of them would be.

  5. Jess

    the pouring liquids are awesome! pointless though, i agree with Koi Koi.

  6. chazzzz

    whats the point of wearing any rings, brilliant party, fun rings, well done you

  7. ran

    love them all

  8. Danyell

    They’re amazing as sculptures. Kind of silly as rings. I mean, I’d be afraid of parts getting broken off!


    Prefer them without the ring part? I would prefer them if they were bigger and made out of real food and cutlery

  10. Gert

    Cute stuff for a doll house or miniature display. I’m not sure the ring part is necessary as they look fragile enough that I’d be worried about them breaking.

  11. RE

    I love eating with you, so will you marry me?

  12. JZ

    Those are delightfully strange.

  13. wat

    I want to eat all of these.

  14. Betty

    These are not hand made. The only thing the creator did was slap a ring part on them. Do a search for Re-ment or Megahouse miniatures and you will see that these are mass produced miniatures from Japan.

  15. bert

    @RE: lol

  16. ugh

    @ RE
    Lol you got problems

  17. Reilly

    I think they’d be cute things to just place on a table or shelf or countertop, not your finger.

  18. Robbi

    one with coffee look very nice

  19. Larna

    Oh..miniature is sooooooooo cute!!

  20. Juliee

    now thats finger licking good! lol THESE ARE AMAZING

  21. Shirley

    no words for this

    amazing doesnt even cover it

  22. Ummm

    Oh man, they’re soooo cute! Too bad she feels the need to lie and say she made them herself. That just kinda’ ruins it for me…
    Unless she considers gluing a ring base to Re-ment’s miniatures something she’s “handmade.”

  23. Maheen

    Finger lickin’ good!

  24. Van

    i imagine most of these will just break

  25. Key

    No Jewelry company makes diamond, silver, gold and etc though… They are so cute. That is all that matters to me.

  26. Rose

    I bought them before. I wear them in party!! These rings are also great gifts for my friends.

  27. Micks

    i feel like eating food now..

  28. Sky

    This is not handmade, I agree with Betty. Anyone can use crazy glue to put the RE-MENT miniature items together. Don’t waste your money on something like this when you can just glue it yourself!! Totally NOT Handmade, what a liar!!

  29. Lily

    So cute!! I want them!!

  30. Sarry

    I ordered them and can’t wait for shipping to my place!!

  31. Kerry

    I love them!! I ordered cute sushi rings and gave them to my friend as birthday gifts!! They were so happy

  32. Crazy

    Sky, Ummm, Shirley and Betty are the same person complaining to 99cents shop because products are not handmade. They (or a person using different names) need to get a life or hobby. These rings are starting at $8.5. Not diamond!! Crazy people!!

  33. Joy

    i feel like eating now…..

  34. chloe

    Kewl! rings i love it…..i want this kind of rings coz i haven’t seen anyone wearing this kind of rings here at the philippines…

  35. Bea

    Wow I think these are possibly the coolest rings ever !! My friends will certainly be jelous after i have worn mine <3

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