Spiral Watering Can

Spiral Watering Can

Modern version of the traditional watering can looks like a spiral waterslide that makes watering plants more fun and enjoyable.

Coil Watering Can designed by Plural Creative is a whimsical take on a garden essential. Say goodbye to boring watering cans!

Instead of just a container with a spout and handle, the Coil has a spiral waterslide design that will remind you of a crazy straw.

3D printed design means that it can be made at home with a 3D printer.

New technology makes it possible to create a detailed and functional design that couldn’t be made with normal manufacturing techniques.

Spiral Waterslide Watering Can

Waterslide Watering Can

Coil Watering Can by Plural Creative

Plural Creative Spiral Watering Can

Plural Creative Watering Can

Coil Watering Can

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