Spiral Lounge Chair

Spiral Lounge Chair

Loopita chaise lounge designed by Victor M. Aleman encourages people to communicate while they are sunbathing near the swimming pool.

Modular design allows easy transportation and storage during the winter.


Loopita Bonita

Loopita Lounger

Loopita Chaise Lounge

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  1. Misumi

    looks cool

  2. Bellhomme77

    First of all:

    Really Glad we have such thoughtful and insightful comments such as “looks cool” on Toxel.

    Am I the only one thinking this would just result in the other side being used if all the sides facing the sun were taken? Communication can’t be provoked in such a simplistic way. It doesn’t encourage, it forces. I think this is a prime example of post rationalisation, has it really been that difficult to talk to the person next to you?

  3. Bellhomme88

    you really had to suck the fun of the post!

  4. peace

    how much??

  5. Bellhomme99

    I am so glad we have sophistication on this website. So much that we can comment on other comments and how bad those comments are. GET A GRIP!

    as for the lounge, i like it. it looks good.

  6. Bellhomme66

    They should make it attach to more chairs in order to have an endless loop system. GETCHA POPCORN DIS SEAT IS GONNA BE COMFY.

  7. Honeybird

    I like!

  8. ghostface

    Looks neat. The girl looks tasty as well.

  9. Ben

    I am more interested by the building behind that the chair actually ! :.)

  10. Gert

    Well SOMEone’s mommy didn’t hug them enough as a kid.

    Neat idea for a hotel but I think it would be too big for most people’s decks to lounge on.

  11. Midet

    I like how in all the pictures the chair only has one person in it.

  12. Bob

    So, someone sits in the shade, while the other toasts.

  13. Erik van Erne

    Cool, put some solar panels on it and it’s even better

  14. PauL B

    Ha ha i love it..and people, you don’t have to have 1 person in the sun, turn it 90〬 and both of them are sorted ☺

  15. Madame

    Works for me. I love the sun – he hates it so there would be no complaints about being in the shade.

  16. Lau

    This design was made by an exclassmate at my university in 2007 or 2008 and its not made for exteriors or swimming pools and it was made for a wooden treatment contest i think is a good design!!!

  17. Ashley Parlow

    I want one

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