Cat Bed Chair

Cat Bed Chair

Wooden tall chair designed to be used at bars and kitchen counters features a soft cat bed underneath.

The Roll Bar Chair by SUNRIU made for pet owners who love to enjoy a drink while keeping their furry friend close.

Curved back of the chair serves as a backrest and functions as a handle.

Inside the backrest, there is space for a rolled-up magazine or even a cat!

From the comfortable front edge to the curved backrest, the Cat Bed ChairĀ is all about style and comfort.

Modern design allows you to lean forward without feeling uncomfortable, and the backrest provides ample support.

Smooth lines and ergonomic shape make it a joy to sit on, while the secret cat bed underneath adds an extra touch of coziness.

Cat Bed Chair by SUNRIU

Cat Bed Tall Chair

The Roll Bar Chair by SUNRIU

The Roll Bar Chair

Cat Bed Bar Chair

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