The Power of Books

The Power of Books by Mladen Penev

The Power of Books” – creative photo series by Mladen Penev, a talented graphic designer from Bulgaria.

Power of Books by Mladen Penev

Power of Books

The Power of Books Photo Series

The Power of Books

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  1. mostafa

    exactly right!

  2. delere

    so fun and so true

  3. Paul Sample


  4. Rit

    What a mess!!! yak!! D:

  5. Baan Erp

    Hmmmmmmm … pretty cool

  6. Karin Stewart

    Graphic designer with too much time on his hands. This comment from an interior designer. We do crazy things, too!

  7. paintbot

    :D i like the bloodsplatter one :)


    Exactly RIGHT!
    Plus, a very nice work.

  9. itsbrandnew

    ugh! EW!

  10. Rich Dansereau

    These are very powerful images. They are quite apt for conveying the power of books. A good book does make you a part of it.

  11. Nestor

    The one with the tentacles must be the necronomicon…

  12. robb

    yes this is truly the power of books, literally.

  13. steelfrog

    I’m never reading again.

  14. Vector Man

    Idea for next photo: his head explodes цшер million beetles… Crazy visual:)

  15. Joss Marie

    Awesome! Amazing when books can take you sometimes….

  16. Johanna

    i love it

  17. Avant Graffix

    What is up with these interior designers on this site?? Why is this an example of a graphic designer with too much time on their hands? Our job IS to visually convey concepts, thoughts, ideas an so forth. Is a painter or any other artist wasting time if they are doing art that’s not comissioned? Please explain I don’t at all understand why he has “too much time on his hands”

  18. love

    just let love be

  19. Linda

    I love! the pics and think they are fantastic, and state what reading can make you feel. merry christmas everyone!

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